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The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business is a corporation of not-for-profit educational institutions, corporations and organizations who are devoted to the improvement and promotion of higher education in business management and administration.

AACSB International was organized in 1916 and it is the foremost accrediting agency for bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in the field of business administration and accounting. The founding members of the AACSB include Harvard University , Columbia University , Dartmouth College , Cornell University , Northwestern University , New York University, Tulane University , The Ohio State University, University of Chicago , University of California at Berkeley, University of Illinois , University of Nebraska , University of Pittsburgh , University of Pennsylvania , University of Texas , Yale University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison .


There has been a growing body of membership outside the USA , providing new challenges and opportunities for AACSB International. Its role is expanding as an information, training and networking source for management educators.  It also engages in survey projects and research on management education topics. Furthermore, it maintains a relationship with the various disciplinary associations as well as other groups. The AACSB interacts on a variety of initiatives and projects with the corporate community. There are a wide variety of special reports and publications produced by the AACSB about the issues and the trends within management education. There are numerous counterpart organizations around the world and AACSB International maintains close relationships with them.

The AACSB began to carry out its accreditation function when it adopted its first standards in 1919. They added some more standards for accountancy programs in 1980. The system was further developed in 1991 when the AACSB International members approved a set of mission-linked accreditation standards and also a peer review process. A revised set of standards were approved by members in 2003 to ensure that they are applicable and relevant to global business programs, and are supporting and encouraging excellence in worldwide management education.

The process of accreditation is voluntary and features a non-governmental review of educational programs an institutes. The Institutional accreditation reviews entire universities and colleges. Specialized agencies will award accreditation for academic units and professional programs in particular study fields. Thus, AACSB International is granting accreditation for both undergraduate and graduate programs in business administration and accounting programs. 

The institutions earn accreditation by confirming their complete commitment to quality and aim to continuously improve through a comprehensive and rigorous peer review. If you are choosing an online program you should make sure its accredited by the AACSB or a counterpart organization. Accredited courses will have a relevant and vibrant mission, uses faculty scholarship to advance management and business knowledge, have high quality teaching, have meaningful student-faculty interaction and will produce graduates who achieve specified learning goals.