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MBA Programs Advice

MBA Programs Advice

Advice and Information for those considering taking an MBA - Master of Business Administration

Many people get to their 6th year of working in business and feel that they seem to have hit a ceiling. You can help yourself by getting an additional business qualification, one that is recognized all over the world and helps you to lean about business administration, allowing you to become a more accomplished manager.

This is an advice and information site about the MBA - which stands for Master of Business Administration. We have started off with some definitions of MBA terms - talking about different types of courses and different ways to complete the MBA as well as talking about the MBA itself. We also explain some parts of the course such as the thesis or dissertation as well as looking at online MBAs.


We have gathered together information on the different business schools, concentrating on the best business schools in the UK , but also looking at the best schools in Europe and also in the World. We have talked about those business schools and looked at business schools in France in detail as well as all of the MBA courses that you can take in London .

We also have a look at some of the frequently asked questions on this subject with a section on MBA advice. This looks at questions such as what MBA course and MBA program you should choose and also whether or not you should try to do a quick MBA in addition to the best advice that could be given to future MBA students.

Talking of future MBA students - we look at the process of getting into a business school. You'd have thought that business schools would love to get the money that you might pay them for offering the MBA course, but in order to remain successful they need to have an applications process as rigorous as some of the best companies in the world. We tell you about that applications process so that you can prepare yourself if you decide to go to business school.

When we talk about being prestigious, what do we mean? Well we mean how the business school positions itself in the many rankings of business schools that are published over the world. These are all created in different ways and thus you should accept that the same school could be 1st in one survey and 11th in another. But it is still worth looking up where your prospective school comes before you choose where to go to.

At least you should go to an MBA course which is accredited by one of the major bodies. We talk about those bodies.

We also look at MBA career advice - which after all is why people take an MBA - to improve their career opportunities.