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Using Telemarketing Lists

Mailing Lists

Telemarketing lists can be a useful resource for building up your customer base. Telemarketing can be an excellent way of finding new customers and developing relationships with existing ones. However, even the best and most expensive list will be no good to you if you do not use it properly. Our guide will help you get the most out of your telemarketing lists.


Buying telemarketing lists

Just as with buying direct marketing mailing lis ts for email marketing campaigns, it isn't always easy to tell whether or not a company is legitimate. However, a legitimate company will always provide a genuine postal address (not just an email address) and a telephone number. A reasonably priced telemarketing list will cost you around $500 for 5,000 names. You will pay more for high-quality data and less for unreliable information. However, many companies are rather coy about pricing; rather than publish a price list on their websites, they will require you to fill in a form requesting price information so that they can get in touch. They will usually ask for your contact details as well as a little information about what you are looking for. Be aware that they may use this information to add you to their marketing lists, which means that your company details will be sold to other companies. If you think this is bad business practice, you probably shouldn't be buying a telemarketing list.

What conditions will be put on my use of telemarketing lists?

As a general rule, the fewer conditions put on your use of a list, the lower the quality of a list. Most respectable suppliers of telemarketing lists will not allow you to purchase a list for unlimited use. Instead, you will purchase a limited license for use of that list. The conditions of these licenses vary from company to company. The company selling the telemarketing list usually puts safeguards in place to ensure that you comply with the terms and conditions, such as "seeded" numbers, carefully planted dummy numbers to help the company monitor your use of the list. Calls to seeded numbers are redirected to the company, so the company will be aware if you have called the list more times than specified in your agreement.

In what form will you receive telemarketing lists?

Telemarketing lists are usually provided in an ASCII fixed format file so that you can import the data into your telemarketing software. However, it may also be in other forms, such as Excel spreadsheets. Talk to the list seller about suitable formats before buying.

Using telemarketing lists

Telemarketing works because it's interactive, adjustable and immediate. However, many telemarketers conduct campaigns without any of these qualities, and then wonder why they're not getting results. Don't use recorded voices for your telemarketing. This removes the successful interactive element. Most people recognize a recording and hang up immediately. Don't use fixed scripts for your telemarketing. Pay a little extra for creative, articulate staff, and let them use their own judgement about what works. That way you keep the flexibility. But the most vital element of telemarketing is the back-up. There's no point in successful phone sales if you can't deliver the goods. Always have an inbound line for customer service as well as outbound lines for telemarketing staff. Allow communication between the two sets of staff, or even have the same people fulfilling both roles. Telemarketing is a great way of reaching out to people, but you have to focus on the key reasons why it works, rather than concentrating on cost-cutting.