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Mailing List Software

Mailing Lists

Mailing list software has come a long way. Once there was only one choice: Listserv or Listserv. Now there are so many different brands of software that many list administrators have difficulty deciding which one to use. As a general rule, almost all free mailing list software is designed for non-profit organizations and discussion groups. Businesses that want to target customers will have to pay for their software. Prices vary according to how many people you want to target, the size of the messages you want to send and whether or not you want to manage customer information. Here is a run-down of some of the most popular mailing list programs.


Paid-for mailing list software


As well as being the first email list management software, Listserv is also one of the most popular. There are three main license types for businesses. Listserv Classic ($500 - $9,400) is the most popular. Listserv HPO ($2,000 - $11,900) includes the same features as the Classic version, but handles large subscriber lists more quickly and efficiently. Listserv Lite ($450 - $2000) is designed for beginners with smaller workloads. Prices are given in ranges because there are many licensing options within the three main license types. Click here to go to the website. If you run a non-profit organization, see our section on free mailing list software.


There are several different Lyris applications. Lyris ListManager comes in three feature sets: Standard, for email newsletters and discussions (priced from $500), Pro, for targeted email marketing (priced around $8000) and Enterprise, for advanced email marketing (priced from $23,750). License prices depend on performance level (capacity and speed) and feature set.

Lyris ListHosting is a hosting service that comes in a variety of packages. Prices depend on the number of messages you send per month and the size of those messages. You can also buy Lyris MailEngine, a SMTP mailer that enables fast delivery. Prices depend on the number of messages you want to send per hour and on the support and maintenance you require. Click here to go to the Lyris site.


This is aimed at businesses who want to target potential customers. It allows you to manage customer information in a database and manage an unlimited number of lists. Mailloop 6.0 costs around $400 dollars, while Mailloop 6.0 Professional Edition costs around $700. It is not designed for discussion groups. It is designed for PCs and doesn't run well on Macs. Click here to go to the Mailloop site.

Free mailing list software


There is a free version of Listserv available for non-profit organizations, including discussion groups. It's called Listserv Free Edition (not to be confused with the paid-for Listserv Lite ). It runs on Windows and UNIX systems. Click here for more information.


Majordomo is one of the oldest mailing list programs. However, it does not perform mail delivery; it just controls a list of addresses for mail transport systems to handle. It was developed under UNIX-based systems, and works better on these. Click here to go to the Majordomo web site.

Dada Mail

This is a web-based email list management system that was conceived as a conceptual art project. It operates on any web server that uses CGI scripts. Click here to go to the Dada Mail website.