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MLM Mailing List

Mailing Lists

What are MLM mailing lists?

To understand what MLM mailing lists are, you first need to understand what MLM schemes are. MLM stands for multilevel marketing. There are two kinds of multilevel marketing: the legal and the illegal.


Legal multilevel marketing involves selling a product or service through a network of sellers. Sellers are usually paid a percentage of the profits from the products they sell. Examples of legal multilevel marketing include the popular Tupperware system, where sellers invite friends and potential customers to a "Tupperware party" in their homes, and the Avon system, where sellers go from door to door distributing catalogues and taking orders of cosmetics.

Illegal MLM schemes, also known as pyramid schemes, are more complex, and there is often no product involved at all. What makes them illegal (as well as unprofitable for the vast majority of people involved) is that the claims made about the business are fraudulent. MLM schemes can be conducted by telephone or in person, but the low cost of sending thousands of emails means that many of them are conducted over the Internet. The fraudster buys an MLM mailing list - that is, a list of email addresses like any other direct mailing list - and sends a message to everyone on the list. The message will never include the phrase "multilevel marketing". Instead, fraudsters say things such as "Great business opportunity", "Work from home and make thousands of dollars a week" and "No-risk money making". People who respond to the message are then asked to send money. This money is described as "business set-up costs" or "charges for your set-up pack". Once they have paid the money, they discover how they are supposed to make money - by recruiting people in the way they have just been recruited themselves.

Illegal MLM schemes are based on an unsustainable business model. If you have been tricked by such a pyramid scheme, the only way of getting your money back is to find several people who are more gullible than you are. Because the public is becoming more aware of this kind of scheme, recruitment is increasingly difficult. Recruits who attempt to recruit friends and relatives find that they succeed only in alienating them. Some turn to the technique that recruited them in the first place - email spamming. They buy lists of email addresses online in the hope that one or two people out of every few thousand will respond to the message.

However, as pointed out on the page about how to buy mailing list s, companies that provide a service for spammers tend to share the ethics of spammers. Many of the companies that sell MLM mailing lists are as fraudulent as the companies that run the pyramid schemes. If you are buying email addresses in order to trick people out of their money, why would you expect the company that sells those addresses to treat you with honesty? Most MLM mailing lists are sold with inflated claims. For example, the list seller might claim that everybody on the list is looking for a "business opportunity" or a "multilevel marketing opportunity". This is almost certainly not true. Even if the addresses are valid, they are almost certain to have been gathered without the owner's permission. You are unlikely to get even one response from a thousand addresses.

There are very few legitimate MLM mailing lists out there. Legitimate multilevel marketing schemes rely on word of mouth and friendship networks rather than paid-for mailing lists. If you're thinking of buying an MLM mailing list, you have probably been tricked by an illegal pyramid scheme. Perpetuating it in the hope of getting your money back means that you are breaking the law, and by buying a mailing list you run the risk of being tricked again by a fraudulent list seller. It would be better to report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission (click here to go to their website) and cut your losses.