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Direct Mailing List

Mailing Lists

Setting up a direct marketing mailing list

Using a direct marketing mailing list can be a good way of keeping your customers up to date with your company's latest products and offers. This page takes you through the process of setting up such a list.

Finding the addresses for your direct marketing mailing list


A list is only as good as the addresses on it. Some companies conduct marketing campaigns designed to glean the email addresses of potential customers. For example, a company might give out vouchers with a request for electronic contact details on the back. When you fill in your email address, you can exchange the completed voucher for a free product sample. Other companies ask customers already on their database to provide email addresses. Another alternative is to buy a list of email addresses. Requiring people to register on your site is also an option. See our page on where to buy mailing list s for more information and advice on this.

Using software for direct marketing mailing lists

The different kinds of software perform a variety of functions. Some mailing list software includes a database that allows you to manage customer information and create more targeted mailing lists . Other software has a mail merge function to allow you to send messages out quickly to a large number of people. Software prices vary depending on the number of email addresses you are using, the amount of information you want to store on each customer and the number of messages you want to send per day or per hour. See our page on mailing list software for more information.

Creating direct marketing messages

The task of writing the messages for direct marketing mailings usually falls to someone in the company's marketing department, whereas sourcing the software is usually the job of someone in IT. However, in some small companies, one person does all the tasks connected with direct marketing mailing lists. See our page on composing a direct mailing for advice.

Direct marketing mailing lists: legal considerations

Email marketing law was simplified in January 2004 with the introduction of the "Can Spam" Act. State laws on email marketing used to vary greatly, but the "Can Spam" federal law overrides those state laws. Although buying a mailing list is not illegal, some ways of using mailing lists do break the law. See our page on mass mailing for more information about legal issues in email marketing.