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Consumer Mailing List

Mailing Lists

Types of consumer mailing list

Consumer mailing lists come in many different forms, and it can be difficult knowing which kind of list is best for you. How you choose a consumer mailing list depends mainly on how you plan to use it. A business wanting to keep customers aware of new products will use a different kind of consumer mailing list from an allergy sufferer wanting to share information about wheat-free food. However, many people use different kinds of consumer mailing list without having any idea how such lists differ. Our guide helps you to be a more informed user of consumer mailing lists.


Discussion group lists

See our page on email mailing list s for information about discussion groups. Discussion group lists can be moderated or unmoderated and open or closed.

Moderated and unmoderated lists

Discussion group email lists can be moderated. This means that every mail posted to the list is first read by someone who decides whether or not to send it to everyone on the list. The moderator may reject a mail for many reasons: because its content is obscene, because it is sent by a computer program rather than by a human being, because it is aggressive or defamatory, or simply because it breaks accepted netiquette. (See our page on email mailing lists for more about netiquette.) The opposite of moderated lists are sometimes called unmoderated lists or anarchic lists. With unmoderated lists, every mail posted to the list is sent to everyone on the lists or posted on the website, with no intervention from a moderator.

Open and closed lists

Open lists allow anyone to subscribe, whereas closed lists have a list administrator (also known as a list maintainer) who decides whether or not to allow each new person to subscribe. Open lists are sometimes called automated lists, as the list administrator for an open list is usually a computer rather than a human being.

Announcement lists

Announcement lists (also known as announce-only lists) allow you to subscribe and receive messages but not to send messages to everybody else on the list. Many companies use announcement-only consumer mailing lists to keep customers updated on new products and discounts.

There are many other subtle variations in kinds of mailing list, but the items above are to get you started. One important thing to remember is that you should always use a list in good faith. Some businesses have been known to post advertising messages to consumer discussion groups, pretending to be bona fide consumers. This behavior usually results in damage to the business's reputation as well as exclusion from the list.