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Tips for business mailing list use

Obtaining a good quality business mailing list is a process requiring company resources as well as plenty of research and a process of trial and error. Our pages on where to buy mailing list s, as well as our pages on using targeted mailing lists and mailing list brokers , explain the work involved in accessing quality information about potential customers.


However, many companies put all their resources into obtaining customer information, and don't put sufficient thought or money into using that information. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your business mailing list.

Keep updating your business mailing list

Some people spend a lot of money on acquiring lists, but don't worry about maintaining them. Just as a car begins to depreciate in value as you drive it off the forecourt, so a mailing list becomes less accurate as soon as you buy it. Sometimes someone on a telemarketing list will voluntarily provide the telemarketer with updated details. This kind of update is vital to your continued relationship with the customer. However, the details often don't even get filled in on the database. Why? Because telemarketing companies use targets, whether this is the number of people called or the number of sales made. That doesn't motivate employees to "waste" time updating databases, especially if it makes life easier for a colleague who is competing with them. This kind of attitude can be combated if you reduce the pressure on telemarketing staff, encourage company loyalty and cooperation and reduce competitiveness between individuals. However, most companies in the telemarketing industry choose instead to employ "list cleaners" who call the people on the lists to check that details are still up to date. It means extra calls and annoyance for the people on the list, but it means that telemarketing staff are free to do nothing but sell.

Avoid duplicates on your business mailing list

Targets and software are chiefly to blame here. If a telemarketing company measures staff by the number of sales leads generated, there is no incentive to remove duplicate names. In fact, there is a strong disincentive to do so. Software is also to blame, as a lot of marketing software makes it impossible for anyone except technical support staff to remove duplicate entries. Buy software that enables entry deletions, and measure staff by the accuracy of the information they obtain rather than the quantity.

Think about the message you are sending to your business mailing list

When you buy a telephone or email marketing list, you are usually very concerned with its quality; do the contact details belong to real people? Are those people likely to be interested in my product? You should put an equal amount of thought into the quality of the message you are sending out, whether this is a telemarketing "script" or an email message. See our page on composing a direct mailing for tips on good email marketing.

After spending money and time on getting hold of a good business mailing list, it is tempting to try to claw back some of that money and time by scrimping on how you use that list. However, as the tips above make clear, this is a counterproductive way of looking at the issue. How you contact your potential customers after obtaining their details is just as important as obtaining that information in the first place.