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Internet Marketing Tips : Top 10

Internet Marketing - Online Advice Talk to others working in the field for their own Internet marketing tips, but we've listed a couple of our own below:



  1. Research your existing customers and make sure that you are providing for them first.
  2. Make your promotional campaigns and domain names easy to understand and remember. Most popular websites have a 4 to 6 letter name or nickname: Amazon, Play, Ebay, IMDB, Wotif, Google, Cd-wow are a few examples.
  3. Get an email newsletter membership started with you core audience, this gives you a direct path to the eyes of the people most interested in your product - the cost is minimal and you will see positive results.
  4. Formulate a web promotion plan and an effective web design and development strategy.
  5. Get ranked at the top in major search engines, and spend money practicing good search engine optimization techniques. When you type your business into Google what comes up? If it isn't your company then get onto it, and see how much Yahoo and Google charge to be moved up the ranking scale.
  6. When advertising online, never pay the rate card price - unlike magazines, websites have no set up costs for advertising so discounts are always available. When you are advertising to a specific audience, specialized events act as a fantastic branding opportunity, but can be pricey.
  7. Avoid intrusive advertising such as pop-up boxes - these do gain a response, but most of the time it's a negative one.
  8. Be original - if you work in an already over-crowded market then you need to find a new way to get in front of your users. Office workers get hundreds of e-mails and online advertisements every day. So what else can you do? Do they have sandwiches delivered, for example? Who delivers them? How much would it cost to advertise on the packets? The cost may be much lower than you think.
  9. Competitions are a good idea, and will usually only cost you the price of a prize. It also opens the door for good public relations opportunities (who won, what they won etc).
  10. Listen to your users - set up an online questionnaire at registration stage - and react to their thoughts and ideas.