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For a new business trying to establish an online presence; cyberspace can be a disorienting experience. Firstly there's the language barrier, then there's the technology itself. Hardly surprising then that so many people decide to hand the work over to the professionals. It's a lucrative status quo that the growing numbers of internet marketing services are happy to maintain. But are they really worth all the expense?


Website creation: If you're going to spend money with an internet marketing company it makes sense to get the product right from the get go. However, it's worth bearing in mind that today's web development tools are remarkably straightforward to use. If the idea of 'going it alone' sounds daunting, but you're still keen to learn; come to an agreement whereby you take responsibility for managing the site once it's been uploaded. Initial costs might sound high, but should include: the URL, hosting, design and any backend programming that's necessary. A number of internet marketing companies also provide editorial content; typically commissioned through a third party content provider.

Search Engine Optimization: There's no doubt that increased rankings mean increase financial performance, so why isn't everybody doing it? The simple answer is that it's much more difficult that you might at first think, and anyone who tells you otherwise should be given a wide berth. While the web is becoming increasingly cluttered up with self-styled internet marketing gurus; few (if any) can actually deliver. If they could; they certainly wouldn't have time for you. unless you happen to be the bank manager proposing another 18 holes.

When it comes to search engines the only thing that can be guaranteed is that today's results pages won't be the same as tomorrow's. Hence, any promises of a 'guaranteed number one position' are wholly specious. If further proof is needed; look no further than the rising number of lawsuits being filed against dishonest internet marketing companies. The other side of the argument is that optimization really does work, and there's little doubt that it does. But remember that there's no magic wand and no such thing as a quick fix.

However, there is one sure-fire way to drive targeted traffic to your website, and you don't need the help of an internet marketing company. Pay per click advertising doesn't come cheap, but the results are making waves in the online marketing world.