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Internet marketing resources are useful providers of business service lists, advisory and news articles, and commerce statistics. Your local Chamber of Commerce or library is a good place to start for free national reports and statistics, otherwise go online for statistics and information and for more up-to-date industry news and trend analyzes (though be aware that organisations publishing large market research reports and surveys will still charge a substantial fee for you to access the information).


One of the more popular online Internet marketing resources is Clickz (clickz.com), which has statistics and industry news stories on the online marketing and advertising business, and also has a whole section devoted to search engine news. Similar information is held on the American Marketing Association site at marketingpower.com. It's full of marketing tips and tools, event information, articles and reports and also has a service directory. More lists can be found on the Marketing Resource Center site at marketingsource.com : it has service lists, Chamber of Commerce lists, industry articles and a section focusing on press release writing. NetB2B - www.netb2b.com - produces many free Internet marketing guides and ranks advertising agencies and list managers, as well as including some industry news on its site. Many of these online Internet marketing resources organise and publicize meetings and events and have online chat rooms and forums where you can uncover the latest marketing trends.

Another useful site is Business.gov (business.gov): it is the official business link to the US government, and is packed full of market research reports and statistics, as well as advice to both established and newer e-commerce businesses. It also contains an online newsgroup.

If you require commercial and demographic statistical data, eTForecasts (etforecasts.com) produces useful market research surveys and statistical reports on the Internet and computing industry - you'll have to pay a fee for each full report, though their free online press releases can yield interesting information. Stat-USA (www.stat-usa.gov) contains a large number of useful financial releases and economic data.

HighBeam (www.highbeam.com) and NewsLibrary (newslibrary.com) are both online library sites that hold thousands of newspaper and magazine articles in their archives, and are useful for unearthing industry news stories. Worthwhile industry-specific magazine include Webmaster World (webmasterworld.com) and Marketing Management magazine (published by the American Marketing Association).