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Internet Marketing Promotion

Internet Marketing - Online Advice

Of your different approaches to Internet marketing promotion, your first should be getting your site noticed on search engines like Google and Yahoo. You'll find that when a key term is typed into a search engine field, your website will invariably be one of hundreds that appear. Both Google and Yahoo sell 'visibility' via a bidding system (on Google, these are the sites listed to the right of your main screen) - you offer a 'price per click', then you only pay for the number of clicks your site receives within a specific period.


Successful Internet marking promotion means you may also want to develop the usability of your site during this time; are pictures taking a while to download? Use images of a lower resolution if they are. Is the site easy to navigate? Ask your contacts to test this, and amend your site accordingly. Once your site is easy to find and use, you can begin other approaches to Internet marketing promotion: the use of mailing lists, mailshots, newsletters, and competitions.

You can gather more contacts for future Internet marketing promotion by setting up a registration service when visitors come to view your website. You can also gather contacts at industry trade shows, so make sure you keep your event diary up to date. To make a potential customer feel that it is worthwhile registering their information with you online, offer them something extra - discounts on services, or competition information. In return you get to know a bit more about the people clicking on your site. When they register, find out if they would like to receive more information about your company - if they do, they're a quality contact. This is the beginning of your client list.

When designing a newsletter or mailshot, make sure it's visually appealing (but not difficult to download), and personalize it, if possible. It should also be easy to reply to - if the reader can simply press 'reply' to the original email, even better. Buying lists is a way to expand your company's database, though these bought lists must be carefully managed, Be sure to pick one that's appropriate to your company; send out a short, courteous email about your company (it's important not to overload people with information when you first make contact), and note the positive replies (and those who wish to be taken off the list). Good list companies can be found on B2B (www.btobonline.com).