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What is affiliate internet marketing?

Also referred to as performance or associate marketing; affiliate programs establish commission payments to web publishers for driving custom to an advertiser's website. It might sound complicated, but on a practical level it's remarkably straightforward and today forms the cornerstone of all internet marketing.


Banner adverts or text links?

There's an ongoing debate about whether banner adverts or text links generate a higher click through rate (CTR). The statistics seem to support text links; possibly because the user thinks that they are being directed to somewhere else within the site. However, for text links to work well they need to be embedded in the body copy which isn't always practical. On the other hand banner adverts are easy to 'fit' and can add an air of authority to your website. They also have the advantage of updating automatically; so you won't have to jump every time your merchant wants to run a promotion.

Can I trust my affiliate partner?

It's usually just a matter of time before a publisher begins to question the integrity of his merchant partner. After all wouldn't you 'forget' one or two leads if you were in the same position? However, trust remains integral if you don't want the relationship to sour. Put your faith in their tracking code and use your time more profitably by thinking about other ways to boost online business.

Which affiliate program is right for my online business?

With so many different variables to weigh up, choosing the right affiliate program requires all the dexterity of a circus plate spinner. It's easy to think that the obvious answer is to opt for the program which pays the highest percentage commission. However, it might not be the smartest financial move.

Firstly it's important to have a good look at the merchant's website, product range and prices. Ask yourself if you would buy from them; if the answer is yes - then other's will too.

Conversion rate is far more important than percentage commission, just consider the following scenario: Would you rather have: 10 % sales revenue of a site with a 10 % conversion rate, or 6 % sales revenue of a site with a 20 % conversion rate? If you chose the second option; you're already making more money.

It's also worth looking at 'cookie duration' as this will determine how long any sales made will be attributed to your lead. Cookie duration varies enormously, but you shouldn't settle for anything less than 30 days.

Finally it's worth looking at the at the affiliate's reporting and payment procedures. Reports should be real time, while payments are typically made one month in areas.