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Internet marketing online : how to boost profits

In the world of internet marketing there may be no such thing as a free lunch, but you'll be surprised at how many opportunities get left on the table. Success depends on your ability to identify and exploit all possible revenue streams, and there's no better place to start with what's right under your nose; your existing customer base.


Internet marketing studies have shown that it's ten times easier to resell to an existing customer than it is to win a new one. It's an impressive statistic and one that it would be very shortsighted to ignore, but just how can you capitalize on it?

Give the customer a good time: E-commerce is fundamentally no different to visiting the mall; so don't ignore the feel good factor that people get from shopping. If you've got a strong product line and can promise an enjoyable ride; shoppers will come back again and again. Invest in a top designer (a good looking site will motivate visitors to spend) and make the experience as straightforward as possible; pages must load quickly and be easy to navigate.

Don't let anyone leave empty-handed: Once you've caught someone's attention it's essential that you don't give them any time to change their mind.and nothing works better than an unexpected bonus (such as discounted shipping or promotional vouchers). Once safely at the checkout it's time to remind the customer of what they are missing out on before they put their credit card away. Amazon provides a good working example by telling customers that 'people who bought X also bought Y and Z'.

And shoe stores have been at it for years.

Say 'Thank You': Everybody loves to be appreciated and a confirmation email with a word of thanks can go a long way to winning repeat business. It also gives you a great opportunity to sell more products. Include details of offers that are too tempting too ignore, such as bulk buys/ bundled products, and you can expect another visit soon. Software is now available which sends out automatic 'reminders' when the customer is expected to have run out of the particular product (especially useful for perishable consumer goods).

Follow your customer home: Internet marketing doesn't need to stop online; include a catalogue or magazine with every delivered product. Offer financial incentives for introducing friends and neighbours and get someone else to do your pr for you!