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With the turn of the new millennia the arrival of pay per click (PPC) was to change the internet marketing and advertising landscapes forever. Traditional methods of online marketing, such as mailing lists, were beginning to show diminishing results as the web became increasingly clogged with spam. PPC offered a simple solution; whereby merchants would pay a fixed sum for each visitor who 'clicked' through from an affiliate advertiser/ publisher.


PPC first appeared in the guise of 'sponsored links' on search engine results' pages and advertisers immediately fell in love with the new technology. Imagine the following scenario: you're managing an auto insurance call centre, it's another sluggish Monday morning and you have 30 members of staff idly twiddling their thumbs. You need some leads fast, but aren't sure where to turn. then someone tells you about PPC. Within minutes you're online and bidding on keywords. The phones begin to ring immediately. Once everyone's busy selling policies; you simply stop spending and the phone lines cool down again.

Search engines had finally found a way to make real money which initially appeared to please everybody. But it wasn't long before the consumer would become disgruntled. Sponsored listings' began to creep further and further down the results pages; leaving less and less space for the organic results. Some search engines went one stage further and decided to become entirely sponsored.

The public's reaction was mixed; so the internet marketing world put its thinking cap back on and it wasn't long before Google launched AdWords. Rather than cluttering up the search engine results pages with sponsored links; they developed software which allowed website publishers to display PPC adverts on their sites in exchange for a percentage of the 'click' revenue. Internet marketing and advertising would never be the same again.

Google's success has always been down to the simplicity of its products, and AdWords is no different. Merchants simply decide how much they want to spend and choose the most relevant keywords, while publishers just paste a few lines of code into their html (AdSense). The rest is up to the spider, which reads the copy on the page and serves up appropriate ads.

Google's internet marketing and advertising technology has become the benchmark by which all other competition is judged. Other PPC programs to look out for include; Yahoo (formerly Overture), MSN and other smaller networks like MIVA.