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Internet Marketing - Online Advice

There are hundreds of sites online that give away useful Internet marketing ebook information and ezines for nothing, usually to serve as a promotional tool for their own services or products. If you read with them this in mind, they can still prove useful.


Many of the sources mentioned in the Internet resources section are good sources of information online, with many of the governmental organisations providing valuable e-commerce guides as part of their small business start-up support packages. They're unbiased, too, and therefore establish themselves as a good starting point for research.

Ezines include Advertising Age (www.adage.com), which contains some useful marketing information for small businesses, Net Marketing (www.netb2b.com), which is another monthly release, and Internet World, which has information on marketing and e-commerce.

Inc (www.inc.com) has more marketing and e-commerce information and is a good site for growing companies, while Emarketer (www.emarketer.com) is a useful source of data research and analysis on ebusiness.

The Internet marketing ebook and ezine site Web Reference (www.webreference.com) has a software database journal, plus information on software and script codes and weekly software news and advice round-ups.

When looking at each of these sources, divide up the information they give into useful categories. Some will cover marketing and e-commerce news and market research, while others will focus on economic and nationwide trade data, and some will have information on the activities of your competitors, and how they are selling their business online. Look out for software reviews and rankings too: they'll help you keep up-to-date with the latest technology to improve your e-commerce processes and Internet shopping cart. Construct a folder of this information and make sure all the staff members that use your site have access to it - you never know when a staff member conducting some research may hit upon a great way to use and develop your e-commerce and online shopping cart in an interesting and useful fashion.