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Are Internet marketing consultant s worth it?

If you want to use an Internet marketing consultant to help you start up or develop your online presence, then make sure you carefully manage who you choose, how much you spend, and consider seriously how much you really need them (it's easy to pay too much - thousands and thousands of dollars, even - if you don't outsource work to your internet marketing consultant carefully). Recruit your Internet marketing consultant carefully too: if you are using one to do a lot of technical web developing, remember that this is, by, and large, a self-taught skill (schools have yet to catch up with the teaching of website building): beware self-proclaimed 'experts'.


Consultants should be project managed carefully, so they aren't necessarily a major time saving device. They are, however, useful technicians when it comes to setting up the basics of a site, and making your site deliver the goods from the word go. But be sure that the Internet marketing consultant you use has both visual flair and strong technical expertise to make sure your site looks good and works well (and not one or the other, as is very often the case).

Devote the time managing your Internet marketing consultant and their workload effectively by breaking the project down into manageable lumps so that you and your colleagues can check the consultant's progress. Get your consultant to design a professional and navigable home page first. Find out who has a vested interest in seeing the site, and get them to check the site's look and usability - does it work well, is it easy to navigate, and does it achieve your company's professional 'look'? Once this is finished, the skeleton of the interior pages - usually between five and ten pages is enough to start - can be mocked up. Again, make sure everyone who needs to see the site does so at all stages, and then begin dropping your required text and images into the page templates (something that doesn't necessarily need to be done by the Internet marketing consultant, so check).

Once the basic site is finished you must ensure that the site is flexible and easily updateable. Before the consultant's contracts ends, be sure to get the appropriate training to enable you and other staff members to tinker and update the site in-house.