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Internet Marketing - Online Advice

A good Internet marketing campaign can be one of the most effective forms of promotion and data collection open to a business. It's easy to measure feedback and, in some cases, can be cheap to exploit, too, if an Internet marketing campaign is well thought-out. The late '90s was the time when companies threw their internet marketing budgets to the wind, but by the year 2000 it was clear that many companies had over-invested in the medium. As a company you must look out how effective internet marketing could be: if you manufacture chocolate bars, are people really going to use your site as a point of sale? It's unlikely, though having a web presence to inform wholesalers of your presence can mean that the internet can be an effective communication tool.


Any company can have an online presence, and the cost can be as little as the price of a domain name. The problems and decision making arises when you realise that the 'cyber verse' - like our own universe - is potentially unlimited in size. Anyone can access any site on the Internet from anywhere in the world. Imagine how hard it would be for a business to gain custom if you could travel to any store in any galaxy; some businesses would never get visited - and this is what happens to a lot of sites on the Internet if their campaign and search engine optimization is neglected.

But be sure not to overspend on the campaign if you can't come up with the goods over the long term; a curious example of this would be fashion website boo.com who, at the height of the '90s Internet boom, managed to raise millions of dollars of investor money without actually having a finished product.

Boo.com was the first company to launch in multiple countries from its first day of operation. This represented a set of challenges that were previously unaddressed, ranging from technology challenges to more traditional issues in generating a global brand. Boo.com promised to deliver a service that could be used in every language and at the lowest prices for each country. It sounded fantastic (the investors must have thought so too) but boo.com got it wrong, couldn't deliver and lost a lot of money. They had overspent on marketing and under spent on technology

The lesson is a simple one, a good internet marketing campaign can make your site very popular and you very rich, but if your can't deliver on your campaign promises over the long term you can lose a lot of customers, and a lot of money.