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Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs

Internet Marketing - Online Advice

Internet marketing affiliate programs provide targeted advertising for online businesses and a welcome revenue stream for web developers with advertising space for sale. While the new model of pay per click marketing (PPC) is busily rewriting the rule book; traditional affiliate advertisers are working hard to develop new strategies and products, such as dynamic content feeds.


PPC affiliate programs are undeniably attractive to both merchants and developers, but there are also clear drawbacks: for the merchants they are expensive to run, while publishers have few programs to choose from (Google's Adsense is the exception; unless you're a really big fish). It's difficult to predict how the future will pan out, but it looks like traditional banners and text links will be around for some time to come:

Currently two affiliate program resellers stand head and shoulders above the rest of the competition: Commission Junction and Trade Doubler:

Commission Junction is something of a titan in the world of affiliate marketing. They dominate the American marketplace and are now making considerable inroads into Europe . Commission Junction effectively acts as a shop window for online merchants wanting to 'buy' advertising space from web developers, and vice versa. They also take care of all the business aspects, including tracking and payment. Commission Junction provides everything from flash banners to specific product feeds and because most payments are performance dependent (with merchants paying a flat fee or a percentage of total sale value) it's a highly attractive package for advertisers. www.cj.com

Trade Doubler boasts the largest network of affiliate programs in Europe and offers a variety of performance driven advertising solutions, including commission payments for clicks, leads and (most commonly) sales. They currently have close to 400 leading merchants on their books and provide a comprehensive package which covers everything form real-time reports to tax calculations. Applying to join a program is straightforward and once the publisher's website has been accepted it's simply a case of copying the appropriate code. As you would expect from one of the biggest names in the business payments are reliable and timely. www.tradedoubler.com

It's worth noting that merchants aren't necessarily limited to one program (read the terms and conditions carefully first), while publishers who haven't yet managed to find exactly the ads they are looking for could try: www.affiliatewindow.com , www.linkshare.com or www.ukaffiliates.com.