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Affiliate Internet Marketing: Dos and Don'ts

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Success in any business depends on staying one step ahead of the competition and if you're going to make it in cyberspace you'll have to stay on your toes. Back in the Middle Ages Francis Bacon first came up with the adage that knowledge is power and little has changed today. Subscribing to newsletters is a good first step, but for up-to-the-minute topical discussions on affiliate internet marketing; it's impossible to beat the forums. Independent resources such as webmasterworld.com are goldmines, but remember that you can't always trust everything that you read!


For more than a decade we've been to told that 'content is king', but scan through the SERPS and you soon begin to question your allegiances. Fortunately as search engines become increasingly savvy it looks like content is once more back on top. Work with the search engines by producing insightful content-rich pages and it will be in their interests to display your pages more prominently.

Stick to what you enjoy: creating sites that you are passionate about is both professionally and financially rewarding. If you really believe in your product; the chances are that the consumer will too. More lucrative markets may be tempting, but they're likely to be fiercely competitive.


Don't succumb to analysis paralysis. Hours, if not entire days, days can be swallowed up analyzing statistics, when your time would be better spent getting on with the real business at hand.

If you're working form home; you'll need to be disciplined and motivated (which means ignoring the lure of the fridge and the couch). Unfortunately there's no such thing as 'luck' and if you want to get ahead you'll have to be prepared to work a regular 40 hour week.

Once you've found something that 'works' avoid the temptation to put all your eggs in the same basket. Don't rely on one or two sites (or merchants) to do all the work for you; instead diversify and spread the risk as widely as possible. The wider you cast your net; the more opportunities you'll discover.

Don't forget that there's a real world out there. Networking might not be on the top of your 'to do' list, but it should be. A quick call to an ex-colleague or a couple of hours spent looking for a new designer is time well spent.