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Xerox ink cartridges



Xerox ink cartridges are widely available and generally reasonably priced when compared to some of their competitors. Xerox got out of the retail printer market to focus on business systems and have been aggressively marketing their products and services to the business community.

Xerox produce a range of low cost laser printers, and laser and inkjet multi-function machines aimed at small businesses. The company lead the field in rock-bottom pricing, forcing other manufacturers to follow suit. In the past Xerox has fallen behind their competitors in independent test results for quality but their new series of color laser printers is much improved.


Xerox reduces consumers' tendencies to seek out cheap ink cartridges by selling their own brand of ink refill pigment and ink dye refills for a variety of their printers. The company also produces replacement ink cartridges for HP printers and multi-function products. These HP-compatible cartridges are generally cheaper than the HP originals and have equal or better print yields.

Xerox also produces a range of dye sublimation inks used in specially formulated inkjet cartridges. The inks are heat sensitive and can be used to permanently dye below the surface of polymer coated media such as metal, glass, wood, plastic and fabric. Xerox is also working on new technologies for digital printing and a futuristic semi-conductor ink that may pave the way for roll-up TV screens.

Eco-friendly policies are also high on Xerox's list of priorities and the company encourages customers to recycle or dispose of spent cartridges in an environmentally friendly way through their global Green World Alliance. Customers can download pre-paid return labels from the company website to return spent Xerox ink cartridges . These cartridges are then dismantled, cleaned, inspected and remanufactured. Remanufactured Xerox cartridges contain 90% recycled components and are manufactured to the same standards as new cartridges.

To make sure you get the correct replacement Xerox ink cartridge check your printer model number and the number of your existing cartridge. Replacement ink cartridges and toners can be ordered online direct from Xerox or from local sites and retailers.

Xerox ink cartridges cost between $13 and $40, toner cartridges can cost up to $200 depending on the model of your printer.

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