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Samsung Ink Cartridges



Samsung is famous for their simple, inexpensive laser printers and Samsung ink cartridges are readily available direct from Samsung and from most online retailers and local stores. Samsung have become a leading manufacturer of personal laser printers, small workgroup printers, and networkable printers for office use and they have taken a serious hold on market share in recent years.

To find the right Samsung ink cartridge for your printer, note the printer model and the cartridge number. Online retailers will automatically choose the correct cartridge for your printer once you input your printer make and model. With discontinued products Samsung guarantee to supply consumables for at least five years after the product ceases to be produced.


Samsung ink cartridges are generally easy to replace and many Samsung printers feature a toner save function that reduces the amount of ink used on prints without compromising on quality. This function is an economic way of controlling ink use and reducing the cost of running your printer. Samsung has taken this idea even further with the introduction of the ML 1750 printer which uses 40% less ink than traditional laser printers.

Unusually, some of Samsung's laser printers have a combined toner and drum assembly and although this is easy to replace, it can cause concern for environmentally conscious users who may wish to reduce the amount of plastics going to landfill.

Although Samsung color ink cartridges produce quality results, the limitations of a laser printer may force anyone wishing to print top quality photos to consider other brands. Samsung ink cartridges are made for heavy duty performance and a wide spectrum of applications. Although this is an advantage for office users with high-volume print runs or home users predominantly printing black text, for customers looking for high print quality and accurate color rendition this can mean accepting some compromises.

However, Samsung color laser printers do include an in-built calibration system to ensure color reproduction accuracy. The company has also developed Tone Reproduction Curve (TRC) technology to ensure print consistency from start to finish of a job. Newer Samsung color laser printers use four cartridges so that you only have to replace the cartridge low on ink - a helpful cost-saving measure in the long term. These advancements have improved color printing quality and made Samsung a competitive choice for anyone looking for a cost-effective print solution.

Replacement Samsung ink cartridges, toners and ink tanks cost between $40 and $100.

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