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Same day delivery ink cartridge


You've got a job on, the printer's out of ink and you don't have any spares. You need a same day delivery ink cartridge - but do such things even exist? How do you get a same day delivery of ink to your office? Well, you'll be lucky. If you're living or working in central London you might just be able to swing it but you'll be out of luck if you're stuck in the wilds of Yorkshire .

Many UK companies offer same day dispatch, and most guarantee next day delivery but very few will guarantee a same day delivery ink cartridge. If you're out of ink and have a deadline looming, next day delivery isn't much help to you. Often your best bet is to just get out there yourself, find the cartridge you need and bring it back to the office. Alternatively, call a stockist, pay by credit card and get a courier to bike it round to you. You'll have to pay top price for off-the-shelf cartridges but this should be enough to remind you to plan ahead next time.


To make sure you never run out of ink again always keep an inventory of ink stock and make sure you order before you run out. This gives you the option of searching for the cheapest online deals and making sure delivery times will be fast enough to suit you. When you are calculating delivery times be sure to only factor in working days, and check when the distributor will dispatch the item to make sure you'll receive it in time.

If you have the option, install a printer monitor and check it every time you print to keep an eye on the levels of ink remaining. If you've got an inkjet printer with electronic print heads they should be able to calculate how many pages you have left to print at your usual consumption rates - allowing you to order replacement cartridges in good time.

Finally, if you buy ink cartridges in bulk, you'll save money, have a shelf of spares when you need them most and avoid frustration by never running out. Just a little pre-planning will diminish the need for that all-elusive same day delivery ink cartridge and the frustration that no one seems able to deliver a cartridge as quickly as you need it.