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Printer Ink Cartridges


Buying printer ink cartridges : what to consider

Lured by the low prices and bargain deals of cut-price printer ink cartridges? Before you buy read this step by step guide to what you should consider about the ink cartridges you're buying.

The quality of prints you'll need


Are you producing draft text documents for your own use or high-end graphics to be distributed to clients and customers? If your print job needs to look really good and make an impact you'll get the best results from the ink cartridges produced by the printer's manufacturer. They're more expensive but you'll be guaranteed excellent results for that all-important job.

Manufacturer's Warranties

Will your warranty be affected? Always check your printer warranty before using printer ink cartridges or refill ink from another manufacturer. Competition in the printer market has reduced costs so much that manufacturers now sell their printers at a loss and make their profits on the sale of printer consumables. Consequently they are desperate to avoid customers buying third party printer ink cartridges or printer ink refills and will often void warranties automatically if customers use ink from another manufacturer or try to refill their cartridges.


Using a refilled, recycled or generic brand cartridge can save you up to 60% off the price of a manufacturer's own-label cartridge. Shop around to find the best deals online or at a local ink cartridge refill store.

Page Yield

The efficiency of your ink cartridge is just as important as the price. How much ink you use on each pages varies with what you are printing but the industry standard to measure this is 5% coverage for each page. Check the manufacturer's website for yield information on leading brand printer ink cartridges and compare this to any compatible cartridges you're considering buying. With the yield information you can calculate how much each page will cost you to print and if those discount ink cartridges really are going to be value for money.

Generic Brand Guarantees

If you buy a generic brand, refilled or recycled cartridge try to find a site or supplier that offers a guarantee with their product. Look for consumer reviews for online retailers and choose from a reliable source or you may end up regretting your bargain purchase.

Your supplier

Knowing your cartridge refill shop or online retailer can make a huge difference. If you trust them and can rely on them you can save a fortune.


Don't wait until you've run out of ink to order your new cartridge. You may find the shops out of stock just at that vital moment or find that your favorite online retailer has delivery times of four to five days.


When buying online always check that the site is secure. Check the web address begins https:// and look for the closed padlock or complete key symbol at the bottom of the page. Don't enter any personal details unless these security items are displayed.