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Kodak Ink Jet Cartridges



Kodak ink jet cartridges are filled with technologically advanced inks developed by the company over a number of years. As a photographic company Kodak have developed a range of photo printers, paper and ink cartridges to provide top quality prints for both home and office users. Kodak also manufactures printers and ink cartridges for professional labs and medical and dental institutions.

Quality image reproduction is at the forefront of Kodak's new technologies and to ensure best-possible print quality Kodak ink cartridges come with a purge pin to clear blockages. Kodak recommends that you purge the ink cartridge if it has not been used for several days or if print quality deteriorates.


Some two-cartridge Kodak printers such as the Kodak Personal Picture Maker 200 also come with a printer storage garage to store open cartridges. This becomes necessary when you wish to install a photo ink cartridge instead of the black ink cartridge on these printers. The color ink cartridge should be used in combination with the photo cartridge when printing photos. To print black text the color cartridge and the black cartridge should be combined.

When buying a Kodak printer check which ink cartridges are supplied, as the printer does not always come bundled with all the cartridges you will need. Some are supplied with color cartridges only; others do not come with the photo inks supplied.

Kodak inkjet cartridges are filled with a unique set of dyes that deliver excellent image quality. The company has developed the Kodak Color Rich Technology which offers vibrant colors and great control over print image quality. Print life is also excellent. Kodak Ultima paper with built-in Colorlast technology can provide prints that will last 100 years or more when used with Kodak's latest series of printers and inks.

Some of the most innovative technology being used by Kodak is seen in their ENCAD NOVAJET 1000i printer which combines the best printer technology and ink quality. The printer uses a Rapid Evaporation Drying System to achieve high print speeds as well as Intelligent Mask Technology which allows ink to be laid down in tiles and random patterns to improve speed and print quality. Kodak has also developed ENCAD Quantum Pigmented Ink and cartridges which use ten unique technologies to improve reliability and color gamut.

Kodak also develops specific inks for professional labs and medical practitioners. Kodak's range of Dental and Medical Imaging Inks (DMI) have been designed to provide digital x-ray images with a radiograph appearance. Where most inkjet printers use color cartridges to produce black, Kodak's uses a pure black ink.

The company's new black ink cartridges for Kodak Distributed Medical Imagers enhance quality and reduce the costs for greyscale printing. The new cartridges should be substituted for the color cartridge in two-cartridge printers used predominantly for greyscale imaging. The standard black cartridge will print denser blacks while the new black cartridge prints lower level grays. The two cartridges working in combination can double the number of prints from a cartridge, substantially reducing the cost of consumables.

Kodak ink jet cartridges for home users cost between $34-40. Toner cartridges can cost from $70-170.

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