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Compaq Ink Cartridges



Compaq ink cartridges no longer exist and have been superseded by Hewlett Packard and Lexmark ink cartridges. Although Compaq have been producing color inkjet printers since 1998 most brands of Compaq printer now take Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) Lexmark ink cartridges.

In 2002 the Compaq Computer Corporation became part of the Hewlett Packard Company creating an $87 million global technology leader. The company has been concentrating on brand focus and has reduced the number of machines available on all lines. Although you won't be able to find Compaq ink cartridges OEM ink cartridges are available for all printers under the Compaq name - they are, however, branded as Lexmark cartridges.


To find the correct cartridge for your Compaq machine note the series and model of your printer and the cartridge number. Compaq manufactures a variety of different machines; the major divisions include the A series all-in-one printers, the IJ (inkjet) series, the C Series and the Compaq laser printer series. Each printer and cartridge then has a specific number and you'll need to check which is required for your printer.

The printer number will be marked clearly on the front of your machine; to find the number of your cartridge you will need to open the cover of your printer and remove the cartridge. If it's not immediately obvious how to do this check your instruction manual. Alternatively, all online retailers will automatically select the compatible Lexmark or HP cartridge for your printer once you input the details of your machine.

Many Compaq printers use separate cartridges for their color printers allowing you to save money by only replacing the cartridge that is out of ink. Newer machines take Lexmark cartridges with a microchip installed. These chips track ink usage and alert the user when ink is running low. The technology behind the chip is patented and these cartridges cannot be cloned. If you own a printer that takes chipped cartridges you will have to buy the OEM cartridges or a remanufactured OEM cartridge. Third party cartridges that can trick the printer into working may also be available.

OEM ink cartridges for Compaq machines generally cost between $10 and $40. The most expensive cartridges are the combined color cartridges for inkjet printers.

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