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Cheap ink Cartridges


Where to buy cheap ink cartridges

So you want to know where to buy cheap ink cartridges? There's no easy answer. To find the best deals you've got to put in a bit of footwork.

The obvious first place to look is online, but to find the real bargains you need to search specifically for your toner cartridge and not assume that the online retailer with the best deals generally is going to be a winner for you.


Online retailers often stock a limited supply of products and some offer notoriously bad customer service. Try to get a recommendation from someone who has used them before or look for a review on a users' site.

Be prepared to spend a little time doing price comparisons and always check the shipping costs involved and whether all taxes are included. These can make your fantastic deal suddenly seem a lot less tempting. Also check the dispatch time, a cheap ink cartridge that arrives two days after you needed it isn't a very good deal.

You should also consider buying in bulk. Multi-packs of ink cartridges usually offer a substantial saving on individual buys and they'll keep on your shelf for up to two years. Online retailers also often offer reduced shipping costs on larger orders.

Don't forget to check out mail order companies and large-scale office supply retailers for cheap ink cartridges . They often offer deals that can rival online retailers and may be local and able to offer quicker delivery times and reduced shipping costs.

Check your local area for ink cartridge refill stores that refill empty cartridges for about 60% less than buying new. They generally also sell remanufactured ink cartridges , compatible cartridges and ink refill kits. If you're considering this option ask if the store offers any guarantee on their products: retailers often have no information on suppliers of their compatible cartridges - offering you no assurance of what quality ink or cartridge you might get.

Finally, make the most of the cartridges you've got. Many printers have an eco-mode or light-printing mode that help you save ink. Alternatively, try printing smaller and print all drafts in black and white if you're just proofing text. And once your printer tells you you're running low on ink, remove the cartridge and gently rock it from side to side before replacing it. This will squeeze out that last little bit of ink.