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Canon Ink Cartridges - Replacement color printer refill



Canon printers give the best results with Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) Canon ink cartridges. Since the Canon range of printers is aimed at the photographers' market you'll quickly notice a reduction in print quality if using compatible, refill or non-brand cartridges when printing your favorite photos.

Canon invented bubble jet technology and this range of printers is still their largest. It includes the bubble jet desktop photo printers and compact mobile photo printers. In addition, Canon also manufactures laser beam printers and a range of bubble jet and laser multifunction machines.


Canon is a technology leader in industry and consumer imaging and Canon machines are known for their superb quality and speed. The company has developed its own original technologies to produce some of the world's most technically advanced inks. The inks are dye based and although this generally means that they lose something in permanence, prints from Canon machines have been tested for longevity and proven to last for up to 27 years.

Many of Canon's printers take six to eight ink cartridges allowing truer representation of colors.
This Vivid Photo system was developed to bridge the gap between true colors and those represented on monitors (sRGB). The new technology makes it possible to represent all possible colors and has been expanded to encompass bright cyans and greens. Print quality is now approaching that of archival silver halide prints.

Canon printers also include an ingenious individual-tank ink system that monitors the levels of the individual inks by using optical ink sensors that shine light through a prism on the bottom of each ink tank. A sensor monitors the ink levels in the Canon ink cartridges accurately and a low ink warning is triggered when the ink level drops below 20%. This system allows for substantial cost savings as you only replace the color cartridge that is empty. You should, however, check when buying your printer that it comes bundled with all the ink cartridges necessary including the special photo cyan and photo magenta inks (lighter versions of cyan and magenta).

Canon ink cartridges cost between $5 and $25 for individual cartridges and $45-$50 for multiple color ink cartridges.

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