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GPS tracking system

There is no doubt that GPS tracking systems are convenient, but they are also a Big Brother type means to improve efficiency within public safety, police and emergency services departments around the globe. GPS receivers fitted into emergency vehicles allow control room personnel to determine which unit is closest to the scene of a crime or emergency, thereby minimizing the time taken to respond to life threatening situations. But vehicle tracking is not the only use for GPS technology.


Since September 2004, the notion of a 'prison without walls' has become a feasible reality. The home secretary of Britain initiated a new era in security when he launched the first ever criminal offenders' electronic monitoring initiative. Similar procedures have subsequently been implemented in countries around the world, including the United States .

As an alternative to being put behind bars, sample groups of law breakers from targeted areas around Britain were fitted with devices that give officials the ability to pinpoint their position to within a radius of two meters. The devices operate by locking on to GPS satellites and transmitting positional information to security personnel. Restrictions on individual movement vary according to the types of crimes that offenders have committed. Officials are immediately alerted when offender breach the conditions of their sentences by entering restricted areas.

The new technology looks to be particularly effective in the case of criminals who have completed their sentences and are currently on probation. In addition to enabling probation officers to keep closer tabs on prior offenders, the technology will also give peace of mind to the previous victims of offenders. This is particularly applicable in the case of multiple sex crime offenders who are renowned for seeking out their early victims.

GPS tracking is undoubtedly a step forward in the area of law enforcement. As is usually the case however, powerful technology does sometimes find it s way into the hands of those who wish to use it for less than honest purposes. Late in 2004, the Guardian Unlimited ran a story on a man who was arrested in California for using a GPS enabled mobile phone to stalk his former girlfriend.

The man attached the phone to the underside of the women's car and then used it to track her whereabouts around the. Software packages which facilitate the tracking of GPS enabled cellular phones and watches on the Internet appear to be the latest technical must have. This type of technology raises both ethical and privacy issues which will undoubtedly feature in legal and policy debates of the future. Keep yours eyes open-literally-because you never know who might just be watching you this very second.