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GPS Phones

GPS Systems Online

GPS phones are set to become the simplest and most convenient navigational and tracking systems. Some of the more popular models and packages already available include:

The Benefon Esc ! Personal Navigation Phone ($850 to $950)

•  A weatherproof phone that incorporates dual-band GSM and GPS technology. Features speed, direction and personal navigation, SOS positional messaging and a built in helpdesk feature.


•  Pros: hardy casing, integrated mapping screen that functions worldwide, advanced friends-finding tracking feature.

•  Cons: costly, maps take up a lot of memory.

Qtek 8080 Smartphone + CoPilot Bluetooth GPS ($400 to $500)

•  A tri-band, Bluetooth-enabled Smartphone that supports Microsoft Windows software. When combined with a CoPilot GPS receiver it becomes a complete navigation and tracking system.

•  Pros: large text, both 2-D and 3-D maps, SD card for storage.

•  Cons: the need to use two devices as opposed to one.

I-Mate SP3i Smartphone + CoPilot Bluetooth GPS System ($800 to $900)

•  A Bluetooth enabled Smartphone utilizing Microsoft Windows software. Features a 64k color display, high quality camera and 32MB of RAM. When combined with the CoPilot Bluetooth GPS system it becomes a GPS unit with mapping and tracking capabilities.

•  Pros: full color screen, voice command software that supports seven languages.

•  Cons: two devices needed to activate GPS capabilities.

Benefon Track One ($600 to $700)

•  A dual-band GPS mobile phone designed specifically to be used for personal safety and care of elderly or medically ill patients. Is able to supply route, tracking and location data to central call centers and Benefon ESC! phones

•  Pros: advanced tracking abilities, Geo-Fence alarm function, instant emergency messaging and voice connection.

•  Cons: no mapping software so no navigational functions.

Benefon Track Pro ($800 to $900)

•  Similar to the Benefon Track One, the Benefon Track Pro is a dual-band specialized telematics phone that can be used to locate users as well as direct them to a specified destination.

•  Pros: emergency messaging and voice connection, accurate tracking and a Geo-Fence alarm function.

•  Cons: more complicated to use than the Benefon Track One, costly.

Garmin NavTalk II GSM ($600 to $700)

•  A multifunctional GPS unit and mobile phone. Equipped with a modem, features WAP capabilities and built-in maps for complete navigation.

•  Pros: compact and lightweight, accurate positional transmission and mapping abilities. Features graphic and voice turn-by-turn directions.

•  Cons: costly, heavy on battery power.