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Palm GPS Systems Online

GPS Systems Online

Palm GPS

Palm GPS systems work by combining Palm OS units with GPS receivers. The main advantage to using this type of GPS system is that if you already own a Palm then you will only need to buy a GPS receiver. In addition, Palm units also have larger screens and offer more memory than all-in-one GPS units. A number of leading-brand GPS receivers and systems can be used in conjunction with Palm units. There are also some devices that have been designed specifically for use with the various Palm models.


GPS receivers with serial ports can be hooked up to Palm units with relative ease. Navman, Magellan , Delorme and Pharos are a few of the brands that manufacture hardware specifically for use with the various palm models. Some of the receivers come equipped with all the essential connection cables, while in other cases it may be necessary to purchase additional cables.

The Delorme Blue Logger GPS receiver is a Bluetooth receiver that is compatible with a Palm OS PDA or Pocket PC. The receiver comes with a choice of six different software bundles and retails for approximately $150. The Magellan GPS Companion is slightly more expensive at around $175. This receiver connects without cables to the Palm Vx, Palm V and IBM Workpad units and comes with free NAV Companion and Map Companion software.

Pharos Science and Applications manufacture a number of GPS receivers in their IGPS range that are compatible with Palm models including the Palm III, Palm V, Palm VII and Palm IIIC. Units produced by Pharos range in price from $200 to $300 depending on features.

Navman produce two different clip-on GPS receivers, one for the Palm III and Palm V units and another specifically for the Palm M model. The Navman M series for Palm handhelds utilizes Rand McNally StreetFinder software and includes a suction windshield mounting bracket and a vehicle power adapter. The unit retails for approximately $200. Rand McNally also manufactures their own GPS clip-on receivers for the Palm III, Palm V and Palm IIIC and IV models.

Finally, Garmin have taken GPS technology to a new level by combining a GPS receiver, mapping software and a fully functional Palm Pocket PC into a single unit. The Garmin iQue 3200 and iQue 3600 are two of the only fully integrated Palm/GPS systems currently available on the market. Both units are fully functional, portable PDA units that contain built-in GPS receivers and mapping software. The cost of the units is between $500 and $700, with the iQue 3600 being slightly more expensive than the iQue 3200.