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Magellan GPS Systems

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The Magellan Corporation was founded in 1986, and alongside Garmin is one of the most recognized producers of GPS systems worldwide. Magellan is viewed as a brand for the adventurous and Magellan products fall into one of three categories - Outdoor Adventure systems, Marine Adventure systems and Driving Adventure systems.


Magellan Outdoor Adventure products

These are perfect for sports and recreational activities such as cross country skiing, snowmobiling, mountain biking, hunting and hang gliding. The eXplorist range of handheld systems is built specifically for use within either Europe or North America . Units in this range vary in terms of features, from the basic eXplorist 100 to the top of the range eXplorist 600 being the most highly developed. The eXplorist 600 incorporates additional features such as a 3-axis electronic compass, an altimeter, a barometric pressure thermometer, a USB data port and unlimited data storage. The eXplorist 100 retails for between $200 and $250, while the eXplorist 600 will cost in the region of $450 to $500. The eXplorist 500 and 600 North America also feature built in geocache gaming features.

The Magellan Meridian range has been designed with the more serious navigator in mind. Units such as the Meridian Platinum and Meridian Gold are packed with additional features, while Meridian Color systems all have full color mapping screens. Meridian units retail for between $250 and $400. The Meridian Gold is the most economical unit available in this range and the Meridian Color is the most expensive.

The SporTrak series has been designed to withstand the most adverse conditions, with most units being fully shock and weatherproof. Unit features within the series once again vary, with the basic SporTrak being an ideal entry level GPS and the SporTrak Color and SporTrak Topo being more suited to the advanced navigator. SporTrack will cost you approximately $150, while SporTrak Color and Topo are likely to cost in the region of $300.

Magellan Marine Adventure products

These include models in the FX324 MAP range and those in the MRL family. The FX324 MAP Magellan series has been designed specifically with mariners and fishermen in mind. Both units in the series are panel-mounted chart plotters that feature hundreds of marine charts. Both are also compatible with MapSend BlueNav marine cartography. The FX324 MAP Color has the added advantage of having a full color mapping screen. The FX324 retails for approximately $350, while the FX324 Color retails for almost double that price.

The MRL product line is only available outside North America . Units in this range are resilient and waterproof and are designed to either be handheld or mounted in a boat. The MRL FX312, MRL FX412 and MRL SP24 ranges are all suitable to be used in a marine environment. MRL units cost between $200 and $400 depending on their features. Certain models of the SporTrak and Meridian ranges like the SporTrak Pro Marine and the Meridian Color GPS Mariner Value Pack are also designed to be used by mariners.

Magellan Driving Adventures

The Magellan Roadmate series of GPS receivers has been designed for drivers in both North America and Europe . The Roadmate 300 is an affordable model that incorporates all the necessary basic features. More advanced models like the Roadmate 700 combine additional features such as color touch screens and voice prompting in six different languages. Roadmate 300 retails for around $700, while the Roadmate 700 costs approximately $2000. Finally, handheld units in the Meridian range such as the Meridian Gold and the Meridian Color GPS Traveler Value Pack are also suitable for use on the open road. Similarly, the MLR FX312 4x4 can also be used while driving, although this unit is more suited to off road adventure than ordinary road driving. The Meridian Color GPS Traveler Value Pack and FX312 4x4 both cost around $450.

Maps and Software

The navigation capabilities of all Magellan units can be enhanced through the use of additional mapping software. Magellan mapping software all falls under the MapSend product line. DirectRoute maps such as the DirectRoute North America and DirectRoute Europe provide drivers with detailed turn-by-turn directions, while BlueNav Charts give mariners all the information they need to safely navigate at sea.

Magellan also produces detailed Topo maps of areas like Norway and Canada as well as destination specific maps of countries like South Africa and Finland . The Mapsend Topo 3D USA map takes GPS digital mapping to a new level by providing 2-dimensional and interactive 3-D topographical views of the United States and Hawaii . All maps within the MapSend range can be purchased for between $80 and $150, with street maps being the most expensive due to their extensive detail. Basic BlueNav charts typically cost around $150, with more extensive charts costing up to $300.

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