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GPS Systems Online

iPAQ GPS Bluetooth sleeves and receivers allow you to turn your HP iPAQ handheld into a fully functional GPS system. Currently, the only integrated PDA/GPS systems available on the market are the iQue units produced by Garmin. All other Pocket PC and Palm PDA units including HP iPAQ units need additional hardware and software before they can function as GPS systems.


Navman, Mapopolis, Pharos, Fortuna , CoPilot, TomTom and Emtac are just some of the leading manufacturers that produce GPS hardware and software that can be used specifically with HP iPAQ units.GPS receivers can connect to iPAQ units by means of cables, or in some cases via Bluetooth technology.

Cable connection iPAQ GPS units

Mapopolis produces two different GPS kits that are compatible with iPAQ units. One of the kits is designed for the iPAQ 3600 & 3700 series, while the other kit is designed for the iPAQ 3800 series through to 5400 series Pocket PCs. Both kits incorporate advanced software that features voice and visual directions. Two models of each kit are available, one for navigation in and around North America and the other for use within Europe . Both kits cost approximately $250.

Pharos manufactures a slightly cheaper GPS receiver that is compatible with iPAQ 3100, 3600, 3700, 3800, 3900 and 5000 series units. The system is manufactured specifically for use in Canada and combines iGPS-180 hardware with Ostia Navigation Software. The software features either 2-dimensional or 3-dimension maps as well as voice or visual prompting. This GPS system retails for approximately $200. Pharos also manufactures similar iPAQ GPS navigators for use within the United States . These models retail for between $100 and $200.

TomTom manufacture two in-vehicle iPAQ GPS navigators, one for iPAQ 3800, 3900, 4350, 4355, 5150, 5400, 5550, 5555 series models and one for iPAQ h2200, 2215 series Pocket PCs. Both TomTom car kits feature voice directions as well as 3-dimensional visual maps. Both units retail for approximately $250.

Bluetooth iPAQ GPS units

Arkon's BT001 and BT002 GPS receivers are both compatible with Bluetooth enabled iPAQ models. Both units have built-in antennae for maximum reception and have an extended battery life of up to 20 hours. The BT002 comes with Space Machine's PocketMap Navigator Software which would explain why it costs $100 more than the BT001 which is priced at around $150.

TomTom produces a variety of Bluetooth GPS Car Kits that are compatible with various iPAQ series units including the iPAQ h1940, iPAQ h2210, iPAQ 2215, iPAQ rx3715, iPAQ hx4700, iPAQ hx4705, iPAQ h3870, iPAQ h3970, and iPAQ h5550. All GPS Car kits feature on-screen directions as well as verbal instructions in a choice of 12 different languages. All TomTom GPS iPAQ car kits retail for approximately $350.

HP themselves also manufacture a Bluetooth navigation system for use with Bluetooth enabled HP iPAQ Pocket PCs. The navigation kit comes with additional software and base maps of the United States and Canada and features both voice and graphic directions. It currently sells for between $200 and $300.