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GPS Cell Phones

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Only a few years ago, the concept of GPS cell phones was practically unheard of. Today you will be hard pressed to find a network provider who is not frantically working on adding GPS technology to their list of available services. With new models being developed on a daily basis, it appears that in the near future GPS cell phones may very well become a standard feature in most households.


So what exactly is it that sets GPS cell phones apart from other forms of wireless technology? For starters, unlike other GPS systems such as in-car systems and handheld units, GPS enabled mobile phones will not only be able to plot courses and driving routes, but also pinpoint the precise location of cell phone users anywhere around the globe from the moment that a phone is switched on.

In relation to navigation, GPS cell phones are soon set to replace in car GPS systems in the very near future. This is primarily due to the fact that phones are both more compact and less expensive than car GPS systems. Network providers Nextel currently offer a GPS navigational service to the public which enables drivers to plot travel routes and pinpoint specific locations via their phones. While the quality of map images and storage ability of phones may have been a problem in the past, phones with larger hard disks and more advanced graphics chips are currently being developed by a number of manufacturers. These new phones will be able to provide crystal clear images and store a wealth of three-dimensional maps.

The development of GPS mobile phones and mobile phone tracking was originally spurred by the need for emergency services to be able to pinpoint the exact location of those requiring assistance. In the recent past a mandate known as Enhanced 911 was issued by the Federal Communications Commission. The mandate required that all cellular network providers develop technology that would allow emergency services to pinpoint the location of cell phone users making an emergency call from anywhere within the USA.

One of the trail blazers in the development of GPS products for the cellular market is Global Locate. Founded in 1999, the company jumped to the challenge set out in the Enhanced 911 mandate and developed a chip which was able to pinpoint the exact location of mobile phone users both indoors and outdoors. Network providers and cellular phone manufacturers around the globe began experimenting with Global Locate's technology almost immediately, but until recently the only company to actually make Enhanced 911 compliant GPS services available to the public is Sprint.

The vision for the future is that GPS cell phone technology will be used not only to assist emergency services, but also to make the lives of cellular phone users far more convenient. Parents may soon be able to locate their children via their cell phones, with child location services currently being launched by companies like Childlocate. Other manufacturers are set to follow suit, and it is estimated that within the next few years all mobile phones will be equipped with GPS technology. In addition to getting directions and plotting routes on your cellular phone, imagine being able to instantly pinpoint the precise location of a friend or family member at any time. Welcome to the Matrix!