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Garmin GPS Systems

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Garmin GPS: An overview of marine and avionic systems

Garmin GPS receivers are well respected in commercial and avionics circles worldwide. In addition to outdoor adventures and in-car navigation systems, Garmin also specialize in the production of GPS equipment for planes and boats.


Avionic Products

Garmin manufacture portable, remote and panel mounted avionic GPS systems. The Garmin G1000 is a fully integrated glass cockpit system currently being installed in a number of Cessna planes. The G1000 is innovative in the sense that it combines all electronic and avionic elements into a single glass mounted unit. Other panel-mount systems are either GPS monitors alone, GPS and communication units or integrated GPS, navigational and communication systems. Popular panel mounted navigators include the GPS 150XL; GNC 250XL and GNC 530/530A.

Additional avionic products include indicators, transponders, audio panels and multifunctional display units. Remote GPS units include datalinks and transponders. Datalinks like the GDL 49, GDL 69 and GDL 90 provide weather and traffic information to pilots and ground controllers, while transponder and interface units like the GAD 42, GTX 32 and GTX33/33D enhance the capabilities of panel mounted systems. Portable units that are suitable for avionic use include the GPSMAP 96, GPS96C, GPSMAP196 and GPS296. Garmin avionic products are usually sold as part of complete avionic systems and are therefore not individually priced by the manufacturer.

Marine Products

Garmin marine GPS/Chartplotters give sailors the ability to pinpoint their exact location and plot their course with ease and confidence. Most feature worldwide basemaps and tidal charts and are compatible with Garmin Mapsource software. Advanced models such as the GPSMAP 3006C and GPSMAP 3010C are also able to provide radar, sonar and weather data. Chartplotters vary in price depending on functionality and features. Advanced models like the GPSMAP3006C and GPSMAP3010C cost between $2000 and $3000, while more basic models like the GPSMAP182 and GPSMAP182C cost between $500 and $1000. Mid-range models like the GPSMAP2006 will cost under $1000, while its counterpart the GPSMAP2006C is likely to cost closer to $1750.

Garmin Sounder units such as the GPSMAP 168, GPSMAP 178 and GPSMAP 238 combine sounder capabilities and chartplotters in a single, multifunctioning unit. Expect to pay between $500 and $1000 for most sounders. Sonar Fishfinder units such as the Fishfinder 80, Fishfinder 120, Fishfinder 250 and Fishfinder 250C enable fisherman to locate large schools of fish, while products in the Rino range combine GPS with two-way communication. Garmin Fishfinders range in price from under $200 for basic models like the Fishfinder 120 to around $750 for more advanced models like the Fishfinder 320 C. Two way communicators go for between $200 and $300.

Certain handheld units in the Foretrex, GPSMAP 60 and GPS 76 ranges are all waterproof and resilient and are therefore also suitable for use on the water. Handheld units vary in price from $200 to $600, with most being around the $500 mark. Miscellaneous products such as the GMR 20, GMR 40 and GSD 20 provide additional sonar and radar data which can be integrated into certain chartplotter and sounder units. The GMR 20 and GMR 40 cost in the region of $2000, while the GSD 20 can be purchased for below $300. In addition to coming supplied with comprehensive base maps, the majority of Garmin marine receivers are also compatible with marine specific Bluechart mapping software.

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