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Garmin GPS Systems

GPS Systems Online


Garmin GPS systems are well known not only in specialist marine and avionic circles, but also by outdoor adventurers and holiday makers. Garmin outdoor and mobile products are well suited for use on camping, hiking, hunting and skiing trips as well as on the open road.


Outdoor Products

Garmin Outdoor products are compact and portable and can be used by bikers, hikers, campers, and fitness enthusiasts. Units either have basic numerical screens or more advanced mapping screens. Mapping screens have the advantage of enabling you to locate your position in relation to waypoints, while basic screens will only give you a numerical coordinate reading. Basic Garmin GPS units include the eTrex, Foretrex and Geko ranges, while units equipped with mapping ability include those in the GPSMAP, eTrex Legend and eTrex Vista ranges. Basic models can be purchased for between $100 and $300, with most costing under $200. Units with mapping ability cost between $250 and $600, with most being around the $500 mark.Systems in the Rino range feature combined GPS and radio capabilities, while units in the Forerunner range have been designed specifically for athletic training purposes and therefore all feature adjustable wrist straps. Both Rino and Forerunner systems go for around $150 to $300 depending on features, with the Rino 130 being the most expensive at around $375.

Mobile Electronics

Garmin mobile electronics can be divided into four categories: automotive, handheld, PC/PDA and two way communications. The Garmin Streetpilot range is popular with motorists worldwide and features models ranging from the original Streetpilot to the latest model to hit the market, the Garmin Streetpilot C320. The Streetpilot C320 is WAAS enabled and incorporates advances features such as voice prompting, three-dimensional navigation and a touchscreen interface. The system costs approximately $750. Popular handheld Garmin GPS units include the GPSMAP 60C, GPSMAP 60CS and GPS V, while portable two way communication units include the Rino 110, Rino 120 and Rino 130 as well as the NavTalk GSM GPS enabled cellular phone. Both the GPSMAP 60C and the GPSMAP 60CS retail for approximately $500, while the GPS V unit costs slightly less at around $350. PC/PDA-compatible mobile GPS receivers include the iQue M5 and the GPS 10, both of which make use of wireless Bluetooth technology. The GPS 10 costs about $275, while the iQue M5 is slightly more expensive at about $750. Finally, the Garmin GPS 18 has been designed specifically to turn laptops into fully functional GPS units. The system costs around $175 and includes City Select software.

Maps and Charts

Mapsource is the collective name for all Garmin mapping and charting software. Additional mapping software can be purchased for all Garmin GPS units.Mapping software falls into one of three categories: city and street maps, world maps and topographical maps. The Garmin US TOPO 24K map is a particularly popular choice, as it is currently the only mapping software to provide detailed information about National Parks in the East and West areas of the United States . Finally, Bluechart software has been created specifically for use with marine units and features additional offshore information that includes depth contours and water obstructions. Most Garmin maps retail for between $75 and $150; because of their detail street and city maps are usually the most expensive.

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