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Discount GPS

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The trick to purchasing a Discount GPS system lies in ensuring that you never compromise quality for price. The best way to do this is to stick with familiar brands that have a history of producing reliable and durable products.

Companies such as Garmin, Magellan, Navman, Tomtom and Lowrance are some of the manufacturers that are known to produce a variety of high quality GPS systems. Due to the popularity of these brands worldwide, retailers frequently offer significant discounts on their products in a bid to attract consumers away from competitors. Models in the Garmin eTrex and Street Pilot ranges and Magellan eXplorist and Roadmate ranges in particular are known for being offered at reduced prices.


Compuplus, Bestprice GPS and Newegg.com are just three online retailers that are notorious for offering significant discounts on top-brand GPS products. BestPrice GPS have been in business since the end of 2002 and specialize in GPS and are well known for slashing prices on their products. The store stocks products from Garmin, Magellan , Navman, TomTom and vCommand. They offer significant discounts on all brands, in some cases beating competitor prices by up to $100.

In addition to being retailers of GPS systems, Newegg.com also sell a wealth of other products such as digital cameras, hard drives and notebooks. Many products offered at Newegg.com are sold at wholesale prices. The store stocks GPS brands such as Garmin, BTC, Mitac, Cobra, Navman, Lowrance, TomTom, Magellan and Delphi . They also offers extended warranties and discounted shipping on certain of its products.

Comp-U-Plus offers a wide range of computer hardware and software products. The corporate office of the company is based in New York and has over 18 years of retail experience. The store stocks brands such as Garmin, Navman, Magellan , Belkin, HP, Cobra, TomTom, Cyberpower and RepairTech. The store use Fedex, Airborne Express and UPS to ship their products and shipping costs are not included in the retail price of merchandise. The store does not guarantee compatibility of products, so if you are purchasing additional software or hardware for a GPS receiver, it is advisable to research compatibility thoroughly before placing an order.

In all three cases it is advisable to double check availability of products well as exact delivery times to ensure delivery within desired time frames. In all cases, placing your order well in advance is recommended so as to ensure delivery by the desired date.

For more information or to order GPS products online visit Compuplus, Bestprice GPS and Newegg.com