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Axim pharos GPS

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Axim Pharos GPS systems are one of the top selling GPS units that are created by Pharos Science and Applications. Pharos specializes in the production of GPS applications for Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). In addition to manufacturing hardware and software for the Dell Axim range of PDAs, Pharos also produce GPS solutions for other leading brands such as HP, Toshiba, Microsoft and Casio.


Axim Pharos GPS systems are created specifically for Dell Axim Pocket PCs. Pharos manufacture GPS units for the Dell Axim X50, the Dell Axim X5 and the Dell Axim X3, X3i and X30 Pocket PCs. Available GPS products include Bluetooth wireless receivers, portable handheld units and in-car GPS systems.

For the Dell Axim X3, X3i and X30 Pocket PCs, Pharos manufactures a portable Bluetooth Pocket GPS navigator and an in-car navigator with a convertible receiver. The Bluetooth receiver has a range of 30 feet and wirelessly relays positional information to the Pocket PC. Pharos' Ostia navigational software then converts the received information into a location on a digital map and provides turn by turn voice directions to any destination a driver selects.

The in-car navigator works with all Pocket PCs running Windows Mobile software. The unit's iGPS-360 receiver connects to the sync-port of the Axim X 3, X3i or X30. Optional accessories enable the receiver to be converted and used with other connections such as Bluetooth and USB. The wireless Bluetooth Axim Pharos GPS costs in the region of $300, while the in-car system is slightly less at just over $200.

There are a vast number of products available for the Dell Axim X5. These include a Bluetooth wireless system, two portable GPS navigators, and an in-car navigation kit. The portable navigators cost between $200 and $250, while the in-car system and Bluetooth units retail at more or less the same price as those manufactured for the Axim X 3, X3i and X30 Pocket PCs. Pharos also manufactures two CompactFlash systems specifically for the Dell Axim X5 - the PF080 and PF081.

The CompactFlash units can be used with most Pocket PCs that have a CompactFlash slot. Receivers can be connected to PCs via CompactFlash Adaptors or CF extension cables. The PF081 CompactFlash unit is perfect for the golfing enthusiast as it features additional StarCaddy Golf GPS Software that contains positional information on tees and handicap for most golf courses throughout the United States and Canada. The PF081 retails at close to $300, while the PF080 is slightly cheaper at around $250. Other than the in-car PK038, all models created for the Dell Axim X5 are also compatible with the Dell Axim X50.

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