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Auto GPS Systems

GPS Systems Online

Auto GPS units are becoming a common feature in both new and used vehicles around the globe. The following are ten of the best selling auto GPS systems on the market:

Garmin Street Pilot 2620 ($900 to $1300)


•  This WAAS-enabled, portable auto GPS features a 3.3 "x 1.7 "color touch screen, and turn-by-turn voice directions. The unit features base maps of the United States and Canada .

•  Pros: clear, bright graphics, detailed base maps and simple to use.

•  Cons: pricey, speaker not all that clear, some of the mapping software inaccurate.

Magellan Roadmate 700 ($900 to $1300)

•  A WAAS and EGNOS enabled vehicle GPS system featuring a 3 " x 2.25 " touch screen, built-in maps of the USA, Mexico and Canada as well as visual and voice prompting.

•  Pros: clear screen, simple to use and accurate.

•  Cons: pricey, initial lock-on time is long, fewer features than the Garmin StreetPilot for the same price.

Lowrance iWAY 500C ($800 to $1000)

•  A lightweight and portable GPS receiver equipped with a 20GB hard dive. The system features a full color touch screen and voice and visual route directions.

•  Pros: bright, clear screen, built in MP3 player and route recalculation.

•  Cons: mapping software not always accurate, MP3 player utilizes memory that could store more maps.

Garmin StreetPilot III ($300 to $700)

•  A waterproof auto GPS receiver equipped with a 3.4 "x 1.8 "color display, detachable antenna and visual and voice turn-by-turn directions.

•  Pros: easy to use, accurate and clear voice and visual display. Up to 20 hours of battery life.

•  Cons: only comes with base map for one area. No WAAS or EGNOS capabilities.

Magellan 750NAV ($1600 to $1800)

•  A compact, full-color GPS system that is equipped with a relatively detailed base map of the United States and Canada . Features clear visual and voice prompting.

•  Pros: simple to use, exceptionally compact unit.

•  Cons: loses signal relatively easily, small display, pricey.

TomTom Go ($600 to $800)

•  A popular auto GPS system that can also be used as a handheld unit. Features a color touch screen, voice directions and over 32MB of built in memory.

•  Pros: simple to use, clear three-dimensional display, additional memory space.

•  Cons: mapping software sometimes out of date and imprecise.

Garmin StreetPilot 2610 ($700 to $900)

•  A WAAS enabled, waterproof unit that features a full-color 3.3 "x 1.7 "screen and voice prompts.

•  Pros: clear display screen that can be operated by touch or with a remote control. Simple to use and economical when compared to similar systems.

•  Cons: batteries not supplied, maps can be inaccurate, needs larger extension slot for maps

Navman 650 ($950 to $1150)

•  A WAAS and EGNOS enabled auto GPS unit that features a full color 3.8 "screen, and visual and voice directions.

•  Pros: 2GB hard drive that is able to store the entire SmartST database of maps for the United States , Alaska , Hawaii and Canada . Unit comes with an infrared remote control for easy operation.

•  Cons: not waterproof, voice prompts could be clearer.

Garmin StreetPilot C320 ($1000 to $1200)

•  A WAAS enabled, full color in-vehicle unit with a touch screen interface and visual and voice directions. Features a Removable 128MB SD memory card and has battery power of up to 16 hours.

•  Pros: compact and easily portable, above-average speaker clarity.

•  Cons: base maps are limited and lack detail.

Magellan Meridian Color GPS Traveler Value Pack ($300 to $500)

•  An extremely compact EGNOS and WAAS enabled GPS unit that features a full-color screen and 16MB of built-in memory.

•  Pros: built-in fishing calculator and compass, expandable SD memory, easily portable, impact and water resistant.

•  Cons: battery life is limited to 13 hours, maps sometimes inaccurate, additional software is expensive.