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Sports Fund Raising


Sports fund raising

There are many types of sports fund raising, which means a great variety of sporting activities to try. You should usually be able to find one to suit your resources and your cause.

Sports fund raising days


A sports fund raising day is perhaps the most fun and inclusive way of using sports in fund raising. It works best if you can vary the competitions as much as possible, so that all abilities get a chance to join in. Variety is also the key to keeping people entertained. So, along with the sprint races and the long jump, include a few events that are just for fun, like sack races or fancy-dress races. Charge people to enter each race, and award inexpensive prizes or home-made trophies.

People don't have to join in the competitions to help make your sports fund raising day a success. While they're watching, they might well want a few refreshments. Selling soft drinks and snacks could raise just as much money for your good cause as the games themselves.

Sponsored events

Perhaps you'd prefer the physical challenge of a sponsored event to the organizational challenge of a sports fund raising day. Sponsorship can bring in surprising amounts of money. Being promised just 50¢ per sponsor for every mile you walk sounds like a tiny amount, but walking ten miles will bring in $5. Multiply that by twenty sponsors, and you've raised $100. If possible, take the money before doing the event, as asking people afterward is very time-consuming. See our page on information handling for your fund raising project for more about how to handle sponsorship.

Popular sponsored events include sponsored walks and sponsored swims, although you can do something which presents more of a challenge. Our case study page tells the story of how charity fundraising is testing some British mountaineers to the limit.

Record breaking

You don't have to organize a large-scale sports day to raise money from a fun competition. You could focus on just one activity. Charge people to enter, and then see how many basketball hoops they can get in a row, or how many hurdles they can jump over. See who sets the record, and see if anyone can break it. This kind of event can be done in one day, or you could spread it over the course of a week.


If your friends all like to play pool, you could organise a pool tournament. You could substitute table tennis for pool if this is what your friends prefer.

Sports fund raising prizes

Ask local sports shops if they would consider donating items to be used as prizes in your fundraising sports competitions. Remind them that being seen to support a good cause and encourage healthy exercise will bring them the kind of good publicity that money can't buy.