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Fundraising Products


Fundraising products come in many shapes and sizes. This page explains the concept of product fundraising and gives some ideas for products you can use in your fundraiser.

How does fundraising with products work?

Whatever the product, what usually happens is that the fundraiser buys items in bulk and then sells them on at a profit. There are hundreds of companies selling all sorts of different items; see our page on fundraising companies for more information.


A common misconception is that fundraising products are always sold door to door. However, they can be sold in other ways, such as at fundraising events or through a website. See our page about online fundraising for information about how to sell fundraising products through the Internet.

Ideas for fundraising products

There are pages on this website devoted to the most popular kinds of product fundraising: candy fundraising , cookie dough fundraising , candle fundraising and brick fundraising . There are also pages about producing fundraising cookbooks and fundraising calendars . However, it is possible to sell something different from the conventional money-spinners .

If you're seriously stuck for fundraising ideas, try linking the fundraising product to the cause for which you are raising money. For example, if you're raising money for a heritage project, MemoryRoad.com sells items with a historical theme. The "Remember When" booklets include news, facts and reproductions of magazine articles from the year of your choice. You can also purchase "Time Magnets", providing a statistical snapshot of your favorite year, for a couple of dollars. Click here to go to the MemoryRoad website.

Our page on fundraising companies explains the popularity of Smencils, recycled pencils soaked in fragrance. These might be good if you are raising money for a recycling or educational project. Click here to go to the Smencils site.

The Pasta Shoppe sells pasta in a variety of shapes which could be linked to your fundraising. For example, if you are having a sponsored bicycle race, the pasta in the shape of bicycles would be a great fundraising product to include in your campaign, as it reminds people of the forthcoming event. Click here to go to the Pasta Shoppe website.

If you're still short of ideas for fundraising products, why not try to link your fundraiser to your state or region? For example, Wisconsin fundraisers could try selling stuffed animals in the form of badgers. Nevada fundraisers could make a joke about the state's reputation for gambling by selling "scratch and give" cards like the ABC fundraising ones. Texas and Minnesota fundraisers could sell star pins.