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Fundraising ideas for shy people


Fundraising ideas are plentiful for those of us with a yen for the spotlight. Fancy dress days, concerts and sports events are perfect for people who like showing off and having fun around other people. This site contains plenty of ideas for fundraising activities which will suit gregarious and confident people.

But what if competing in a race while wearing a silly hat is one of your worst nightmares? What if the thought of making a fool of yourself in front of people brings you out in a cold sweat of pre-emptive embarrassment? Perhaps you would love to raise money for a good cause, but shyness gets in the way. That doesn't mean you can't make a valuable contribution. There are plenty of fundraising ideas which don't involve any of the kind of situations you dread.


Use your skills

What are you good at? If you have good computer skills, you might be able to give a fundraising campaign some invaluable help by helping them to keep track of all their contributor details. Our page on information handling for your fund raising project explains why keeping track of information is so vital. Or perhaps you bake a killer cookie. That means you can make a vital contribution to a bake sale without even having to be there.

Perhaps you have a gift for saying what you mean in an articulate and persuasive way. You just hate meeting people face to face and saying it. So use your skills to write fund raising letters . Don't think that isn't needed. Many people have the gift of the gab in person, but go to pieces when they have to write down what they want to say. If your talent is the reverse of this, a fundraising campaign probably needs your help right now.

Skip the scary bit

Think honestly about the fundraising ideas that scare you. Does the whole thing make you nervous, or are there parts that you feel comfortable with? For example, one method of fundraising is a two-part process: dropping charity envelopes into mailboxes and then picking them up a few days later, hopefully filled with money. The latter part of the process may make you feel uncomfortable, so stick to the former part. If you're in a fundraising team, offer to do the dropping-off part for the whole area being covered. Then the others can divide the area into sections for the picking-up part. You will have done an equal share of the work without having to deal with awkward strangers.

Use fundraising to help you grow

There are so many fundraising ideas that allow you to raise money without having to interact with anyone. That might be the easy route for you, but is it really what you need? Perhaps a fundraising event is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and your shyness. The more you deal with the kind of situations that make you nervous, the better you will become at handling them. You don't have to dress up as a centurion or sing karaoke in front of everybody you know, but running a stall at a garage sale means talking to hundreds of people in a day without being too stressful to handle. It might take you outside your "comfort zone", but it gives you some great practice at dealing with people.