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High School Fundraising Ideas


It can be tough to think up high school fundraising ideas that haven't been done a million times before. Our page on high school fund raising provides some guidance, but here are a few extra ideas to help you out. Cheerleaders should also take a look at our cheerleading fund raising page.



High school fundraising events can often work wonders, but how about turning the idea on its head? Ken Burnett writes in Relationship Fundraising about a new trend for "non-events". This is an event whereby regular attendees of charity fundraisers pay money (usually around $500) to stay at home. The novelty of the idea has brought it some success, especially with people who go to a lot of charity fundraisers and are bored of hiring cars and putting on their best clothes. You could hold a non-event of your own, or even run an anti-fundraiser. Suggest that if people donate three dollars, you won't sell them candy that might sabotage their diet plans. For five dollars, you can guarantee they won't be invited to a tedious orchestra recital. For $50, you will promise to leave them alone for the whole of this fundraiser and the next. It goes against the principles of fundraising for fun, but it often works if you handle it in a light-hearted way.

Extra help for high school fundraisers

Find out whether or not you fulfil the criteria to apply for a grant. When you submit your grant proposal, be clear about exactly how much money you need, and why you need it. Don't be greedy or unrealistic. It may also help your application if you have already raised some of the money needed, because that shows that you are prepared to meet the funding body halfway, and demonstrates that your fundraising cause has a high level of support. You should also submit a detailed budget, which will show that you have seriously considered costs.

Fundraising for the senior prom

It has become very common for the high school prom committee to do a little fundraising in order to reduce some of the costs of the prom. Your school has almost certainly tried plenty of the usual high school fundraising ideas, like candy fundraising , flower sales or holding raffles. You might have got creative and linked your fundraising events to the calendar, by selling chocolate eggs at Easter or heart-shaped candy on Valentine's Day. But why not get even more creative and link your prom fundraising to the prom itself? Many schools have caught on to the idea of the "pre-prom party". This can be held at lunch break or during announcement time. Be as imaginative as you like. Some organizers make a profit simply by charging money for soft drinks and cookies, while others go as far as organizing a fashion show to show off potential prom outfits.

The key to making big money with a pre-prom party is to involve local businesses. Will car rental firms or evening wear shops agree to sponsor the event in exchange for being allowed to set up a stall? Will your local florist donate a bouquet as a raffle prize in exchange for free publicity?

The main aim of a pre-prom party is to raise plenty of money for the senior prom. However, even if you raise less money than you thought you would, a pre-prom party is still a lot of fun, and very useful in publicizing the prom.