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High School Fundraising


High School Fundraising

So you're a student looking for a way to help your school, or a teacher thinking of ideas to make your students' lives better? Maybe you're looking for money for a school trip away, or to buy books for a new library? Whatever your status and aim, there are some important things to bear in mind about high school fundraising. Below are a some key tips on how to go about it... plus a few ideas for novel fundraisers.


1. Plan ahead. The longer you are thinking about the fundraiser, the better it will be. If it's a party, for example, you'll have time to source and set up the best venue, music, decorations and refreshments without having to resort to cheap/inferior or quick/expensive. It will also give you time to order things over the internet if you find a bargain (remember that you will want to test things out before you buy in bulk). Economizing like this will create all the more profit from the tickets while making sure everyone is remembers it as a great party and comes to the next one.

2. Don't forget that there are plenty of manuals out there for high school fundraising - have a look in your local library (or buy one over the internet if you want to spend the money on it).

3. If you're planning to have a raffle or another event with prizes, think big. Send out a big mailshot of letters to all the appropriate local companies you can think of asking them for prizes, then follow up the mailshot with phone calls. Some may say no, but if you've asked enough you'll be sure to get good prizes which people will want to buy tickets for. They will give your event some style. You can take the same mailshot approach for selling advertising space on T-shirts, cards etc. Again, it's a matter of planning. And raffle prizes don't have to be obvious. You could even use a day off school - that will get everyone going.

4. If you're a student, remember that just because your event is for charity doesn't mean it has to be a chore. Think of what you and your friends are interested in and base your fundraiser around that. People have done sponsored basketball shootouts, gaming or skateboard competitions, bed races... all sorts of things.

5. High school fundraising doesn't have to be event-based. The Scrip fundraising program is becoming more and more popular because it's ongoing, lucrative and when established just takes maintenance and a network of well-wishers. The system was born about a decade ago in California and hasn't stopped growing. Basically, retailers sell gift certificates - scrip - and the schools sell them on to parents at a profit. The gift certificates are then used in shops and restaurants like money, and everyone benefits (in the company's case, from a bank of sure fire customers). http://www.scrip.com/