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Fundraising Cards


Fundraising cards

Fundraising cards are a good option when raising money in a team, because they are light and easily portable, which makes it easy to distribute them among members of the fundraising team. Scratch cards and gift cards are popular partly because of this, but also because they give the donor a chance to get something in return for their generosity, such as a store discount voucher.

Scratch card fundraising


Some fundraising scratch card schemes work like mini-lotteries; you pay a fixed amount for the card, and win whatever is revealed when you scratch the card. Others are "scratch and give" schemes, like the ABC fundraising scheme, where you pay the amount revealed when you scratch the card, and receive a token gift (such as a store discount voucher) in return.

Fundraising gift cards

Fundraising with gift cards works this way: retailers sell gift certificates to fundraisers for less than the certificate's face value, and the fundraisers sell them on at a profit. The Scrip fundraising program is one of the more famous gift card fundraising schemes; see our page on high school fundraising for more information about it. Schnucks have a similar scheme. It sells blocks of pre-paid fundraising cards at a percentage off the usual retail value. Discounts vary from 1% to 5% depending on the size of your purchase. Click here to go to the Schnucks site.

Making greetings cards

Making cards for special occasions is a popular way to fundraise. Cards with some kind of three-dimensional effect have a novelty value, so add texture if you can. You don't need a team of skilled craftsmen to be able to make large numbers of attractive cards, but you do need to be organized. The quickest way of making a lot of cards is to set up a form of production line, where each person has a specific task. For example, imagine you're making cards for Valentine's Day. The process might go like this:

  • Person 1 cuts and folds pieces of stiff white paper to form the cards.
  • Person 2 draws heart shapes on pink or red card (using a template) and then cuts them out.
  • Person 3 glues the heart shapes on to the cards
  • Person 4 writes "Happy Valentine's Day" on the cards.

Sticking card on to card is the simplest way of adding texture, but there have been many more imaginative things glued to cards, including ribbon, candies, balloons and Barbie shoes.

As an alternative to handcrafting greetings cards, it is possible to make your fundraising cards on computer. This doesn't have the same home-made effect, but it can look slick and professional if done well. One advantage to this method is that it is possible to scan in an image that has particular relevance or impact to your fundraising, and make it part of every card. Many desktop publishing programs allow you to make your own greetings cards. If you are at school, perhaps you could create fundraising cards as part of your desktop publishing class.

Of course, you don't have to make greetings cards yourself. Plenty of fundraising companies sell greetings cards. Fundraisers buy them in bulk, then sell them on at a profit.