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Fund Raising Event


What kind of fund raising event should I hold?

OK, so a fund raising event is the only way you're going to raise the cash you need.

You might be thinking locally (new equipment for the school gym, a community clean-up project) or globally (helping people in the Third World , giving cash to a health charity). Whatever your cause, you've decided that the best way to get the money is to hold a fund raising event. A wise choice. If you choose your event well, it will be so much fun that people will barely notice you extracting their cash. However, choose the wrong event and people will not only be stingy with their money, they may even resent you for wasting their time!


Take our fun quiz to find out what kind of fund raising event would be best for you. Write down the letter that goes with your answer to each question, and tot up your scores at the end. If you want to give two answers to one question, just write down both letters.

1. It's been a long week, but Friday night is finally here. What do you do to relax?

a) Head to the gym, or for a kickabout in the park with friends. It's great to blow off steam.

b) Go home and make yourself an extra-nice meal.

c) Go to a gig, or head home to chill out with your CDs.

d) What's all this about relaxation? Friday nights were invented for partying!

2. At school, what were/are your favorite subjects?

a) Sport (Although being taught geography by the same teacher before he's had a shower is never good.)

b) Art, Home Economics or Math

c) Music, Art

d) Drama (You spend most of the other lessons clowning around.)

3. What historical era/place do you feel you would have been happy in?

a) Ancient Greece - just imagine entering the original Olympics!

b) Any era, any place, as long as I get to be a reasonably well-off woman who spends all day baking and sewing.

c) The Renaissance. It was a golden time for art and music.

d) Do I have to pick just one? I'd like to have been a comic actor in Shakespeare's time... or in the days of vaudeville. or to baffle and amuse everyone as a Dada artist.

Your results!

Count up the numbers of letters and read the answer for the letter you have most of. If your results are split half and half, why not consider both answers? They're only suggestions, and you might be able to think of a great combination.

Mostly A's

It's pretty clear you're the sporty type, so a sporty fund raising event is definitely for you. How about a sponsored baseball game, or a competition to see who can get the most basketball hoops in a row? Charge a dollar or two to enter, and get the local sports shop to donate a prize. If your friends aren't as sporty as you, you'll have to go it alone. Not as fun, but it could be just as lucrative. How about a sponsored swimathon? Get friends and family to pledge 50 cents each for every length you do of the local pool. If ten friends sponsor you and you manage ten lengths, that's $50 in the bag! See our page on sports fund raising for more tips.

Mostly B's

Your stay-at-home tendencies are balanced with your creativity to make you a very well-rounded person. You may also have a good business head. Why not use your skills to hand-make something, whether it's candles, greetings cards or cakes, and then sell them on at a profit? This site gives more information on fundraising products. Or you could turn your place into a restaurant for the night; charge your friends a few dollars to come round, and cook them a slap-up meal. You don't have to dress up as a waiter.

Mostly C's

The arts are important to you, and you may harbor aspirations to be an artist or a musician yourself. You could get some practice for your planned career with band fund raising , making music to make money! If your skill is with a paintbrush, charge friends for portraits - or caricatures - of themselves.

Mostly D's

You're an exhibitionist with a wicked sense of humor. You're definitely a people person, and never happier when you're around your friends making them laugh. You'd probably enjoy a crazy fund raising event like a sponsored custard-pie fight, or pajama day at work or school. Let your imagination run riot. but just remember, other people have to want to join in too, or it'll never work!