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Cookie Dough Fundraising - Online Guide


Cookie dough fundraising is a little different from other kinds of fundraising. The secret weapon of cookie dough fundraising is the effect of fresh cookies on our sense of smell. Many estate agents say that the smell of coffee brewing or cakes baking can influence a buyer's decision on whether or not to purchase a house. If a delicious smell can influence such an important decision, it is clear that it will help your fundraising campaign too.


How cookie dough fundraising works

Cookie dough fundraising works in a similar way to other kinds of product fundraising. You buy tubs of frozen cookie dough in bulk and then sell them on at a profit. There are hundreds of fundraising companies that sell cookie dough. Click here for a site which allows you to search by product and state. You then have a choice between selling the tubs of frozen dough or selling cookies baked from the dough. Combining the two options is the best way of maximizing sales. If you can arrange to sell the tubs of cookie dough at an event where people can see and smell fresh cookies, you will sell many more tubs of dough as well as selling the fresh cookies quickly. Variety helps with sales too, so see if you can purchase a choice of flavors .

Should you make your own cookie dough?

Tubs of cookie dough can be fairly expensive; expect to pay at least $10 for a three-pound tub. When making your own cookies is so cheap, it is tempting to buy the raw ingredients and create your own cookie dough to sell. Before you do this, it is a good idea to call around the cookie dough companies and compare their prices against the costs of making your own cookie dough. Some companies offer added extras such as free flyers and customized tubs, and when you include the cost of these extras in your calculations you may decide that buying the dough is the better value option after all

What about special diets?

There are enough companies selling kosher cookie dough to fundraisers for it to be a fairly competitive market, and you should have no problem finding a good deal on kosher dough. Click here for an example. Nut allergies are more of a problem. Because it is so difficult for a company to guarantee that a product is safe for people with nut allergies, most companies simply refuse to do so. Homespun Fundraising, based in Canada , is one of the few companies that does guarantee nut-free products.