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Christian Fundraising - Online Guide


Christian fundraising poses more challenges than regular fundraising. With regular fundraising, you can be a little more shameless about wanting people's money, a little more outrageous in the stunts you pull to get people's attention along with the cash. However, when you're fundraising for a Christian cause, you are a representative of your faith. For some people outside the Church, contact with fundraisers may be the only time they talk to a Christian, and their perception of the Church will be influenced by your behavior .


Does this mean you should avoid fundraising out of fear of making a bad impression? Definitely not. Fundraising as a Christian is all about tough challenges, not impossibilities. And challenges are so often opportunities in disguise. A really well-handled Christian fundraising campaign will give non-Christians a better idea of what it is to be Christian, as well as bringing your church closer together. and, of course, raising the money you need.

However, if you are raising money for a Christian cause, you should be fundraising as a Christian, and with respect for other Christians. One popular fundraising event is the pub quiz, where teams pay to enter and then the winners receive a prize. However, some Christians might feel that it is inappropriate to hold a Christian fundraising event in a place where many people have been tempted to drink to excess. So think creatively. What is it that people enjoy about pub quizzes? The mental challenge? Being part of a team? Being in a relaxed social setting? Those enjoyable qualities can be part of other, more Christian-friendly activities. For example, instead of a pub quiz, hold a picnic quiz. Get as many people as possible to volunteer picnic dishes. Then head to the nearest pretty spot and make an afternoon of it. People pay to enter, and to eat the delicious food. That already means they're getting more for their money than they would at a pub quiz, where you pay to enter and then pay the barman too. Prizes should be inexpensive and in keeping with the fun spirit of the occasion.

Other popular fundraising ideas include scratch cards. Some Christians may have a problem with this if they see it as gambling. Many people outside the Church, as well as some within it, are wary of scratch cards, and their suspicion has been justified on occasion, as there have been fake charity scams involving scratch cards. However, there are more harmless "scratch and give" schemes like ABC fundraising , where you receive money-off vouchers in exchange for donating small sums. Still, if you think that your church community will be put off by any kind of commercial scratch card scheme, think creatively again. How about creating your own card scheme using something similar to a barter system? You volunteer a couple of favors - say, washing someone's windows and doing a stack of ironing. Then you pay $5 and pick two cards out of a bag. One might be from your neighbor down the street, offering to bake the winner a cake, while the other might be from someone at church offering a free skating lesson. Everyone gives both time and money.

Christian fundraising certainly requires more thought than other kinds of fundraising. However, putting more thought into something usually means more interesting and enjoyable results. Our page of church fundraising ideas will give you some ideas, but thinking creatively is the key to coming up with popular money-spinners of your own.