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Cheerleading Fund Raising - Online Guide


Cheerleading fund raising shouldn't be too difficult. After all, cheerleaders are known for having plenty of energy and enthusiasm - exactly the qualities you need to be a successful fundraiser. However, if your cheerleading squad has never done any fund raising before, you might not know where to start. Our short guide is aimed at doing just this.

Fundraising with products


Schemes involving fundraising products tend to work in very similar ways; you buy the item in bulk, then sell it on at a profit. See our page on fundraising companies for advice on how to choose which company to buy from. You should also be aware that many companies market fund raising products like candy, cookie dough or scratch cards as cheerleading fund raising products, but might well be marketing to other groups in exactly the same way. Don't choose a product just because the marketing blurb mentions cheerleading; you might get a better deal elsewhere.

If you are selling fundraising products to raise money for cheer camp or new cheerleading outfits, it never hurts to link your product to a sport, or to cheerleading itself. For example, Raisin Spirits sell footballs and basketballs, as well as foam hands to help you cheer on your team. To go to their website, click here.

Pre-game events

Holding a cheerleading fund raising event just before a game is a good idea - if people have to come along to the game anyway, it isn't too much of a battle to persuade them to come along a little earlier. Try a barbecue if it's a sunny day, or set up a stall to paint people's faces in the color of their favorite team. Just before the game is also a good time to sell products that help the audience show their support, such as giant foam hands and spirit shakers. You can make your own spirit shakers from soft drinks cans. Rinse and dry the cans, then fill them with rice, popcorn kernels or anything else that makes a noise. Then cover the hole in the top of the can with tape and paint the can in your team colors. Add glitter or stickers if you like.

Fashion show

Can the cheerleaders in your squad use their natural poise and charm to become fashion models for the day? Holding a fashion show is a great idea if you can negotiate a deal with a local clothes store. Ask your local stores if they will donate or lend you clothes for the show. Then set up a simple ordering system for the audience to buy what they see.

Ask each store if they will give you a percentage of the cost of each item sold. If you have difficulty persuading your local clothes store to help out, emphasize that the store will be getting some very good free publicity, as well as increased sales.

Cheerleading workshops

Perhaps the cheerleaders of the future are just waiting for a chance to learn how to be cheerleaders. Set up a workshop where you teach the basics of cheerleading to younger people - perhaps kids aged between seven and 12 years old. Hopefully they will nag their parents to pay for them to join the class. Remember to keep all the moves simple.

A cheerleading fund raising show

This is the most obvious idea of all. If you're aiming to head to the national championships, it's good to show the people sponsoring you just how talented you are and just how well-spent their money is. So give a demonstration of your cheerleading skills. As well as charging for entry, why not try to make a little money on refreshments too?