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Welcome to the world of fundraising. We have come a long way from the days when bake sales and carol concerts were cutting edge ideas. Now it seems that there's hardly a crazy fundraising scheme that hasn't been tried, from sponsored skydiving to slave auctions. Perhaps as a result of amateur fundraisers' increasing inventiveness, professional fundraisers have become cleverer in their tactics too. It's a competitive world, and beginner fundraisers need to be as well-informed as possible. Which is why we've created this online resource.


The Really Useful Guide to Fundraising aims to give you as much information as possible on everything to do with fundraising. The activities and ideas section is packed with fundraising ideas to get you started. The school fundraising section gives plenty of advice for students and parents, including high school fundraising ideas and cheerleading fundraising ideas.

If you want to raise money for your church, you will find plenty of advice on church fundraising and Christian fundraising , as well as lots of church fundraising ideas .

If you need information on fundraising products , the Really Useful Guide has a whole section on the different kinds you can choose, from fundraising cards to fundraising calendars via candy fundraising and even brick fundraising .

The section dedicated to in-depth planning helps with the nitty-gritty, from choosing what kind of fund raising event you should hold, to information about the pitfalls of fundraising events , to advice on fundraising campaign s for professional fundraisers. You will also find advice about the legal issues of nonprofit fund raising as well as some sample fundraising letters .

The section on using resources gives you advice on fundraising software , companies and organizations and harnessing the power of the Internet with online fundraising .

Finally, the section on fundraising for life has information about how you can make a regular contribution to good causes, as well as information on fundraising jobs and career paths.